tired, cranky and in pain...and grateful

Tom's back..
I hate him.
it's worse than usual...man I love aleve.
I barely crawled through my walk.
I ate a zinger and now I am going to sleep.
Today will be a non starter in my book of life.
Tomorrow shall be a new day.
A better day.

And someone said in the last set of comments...99 to go I think,
that to have no jealousy you must be grateful..
And you know.
I think she's right.
I always have been.
I think church instilled it in me or something.
I loved sitting in ''my tree'' growing up, it was an oak tree out back.
I loved my books.
I loved drawing.
money doesn't hold much allure because I love having my family together.
I love and am grateful for having those moments where we just have family conversations or arguments about politics or geography or hunting vs. ecology.
I love that we have our own home...I don't care how big it is...
I love the dings and cracks in it.
We have memories here and someday when my kids say to their husbands or their children or friends
"When I was growing up back HOME."
they will be able to remember this house and have all the memories associated with it, they will be able to hone in on a ''home.''
I am grateful we were able to provide that.
A safe, warm home where they had a mom and a dad who cared about and loved them.
Who provided stability.
Who told them they could do things.
I am so grateful I can give that to them. I am grateful that I have more than two pairs of pants..
when I was a kid I was grateful for two pairs of pants. lol.
I guess when you whittle it down..
I don't feel like life owes me anything.
The worst phrase you can utter in this house is "It's not fair."
they can chant back with me "life's not fair.'
I don't feel like anyone owes me.
I feel like I owe God.
For being a father to the fatherless (me), for giving me eyes to see, ears to hear, a mind to think and hands and feet that work.
I have no impediments.
I have no complaints.
I came in this world with nothing and if I go out with nothing then I am no better or worse off than I started.
Have a good night guys,
Tomorrow is a new day.


E. Jane said...

I can see and hear the gratitude in your writing. You are very wise. Have a great weekend!

Tammy said...

I just love your attitude. :)

Retta said...

I read this last night, but was too tired and cranky myself to comment, LOL!

I'm feeling better now... hope you are too. And I appreciate the reminder about having an attitude of gratitude!


Unknown said...

Now I know where TOM goes when he leaves my house. lol Feel better! :) Hope you have a good weekend!

Sunshine's Heart said...

So glad I don't have to worry about TOM anymore.

Robin said...

I had to laugh when I was reading your blog. I hit the "it's not fair" comment and laughed out loud. I remember that as a kid whenever those words left my mouth my father immediately followed them up with, "Whoever told you that life would be fair?" It was always a conversation stopper. And now I hear it in my head. If ever a part of me even thinks, "That's not fair," I can hear my dad following it up with the conversation stopper. Life isn't fair. Never was. Never will be.

Annalisa@Gracie'sGarden said...

Very wise is right. Very good writer too. This post certainly conjured up some guilt in me. I do feel as if life owes me something... I am so darn selfish I'm sick over it. I'm a little bit jealous of other people's stuff, when really I should be jealous of other people's wisdom or grace or talents, their God-given "stuff". It's not right. *Sigh* slowly but surely I'm becoming transformed.

99ToGo said...

Oooh, we must have cyber-synced horomones, because TOM has come a-knocking on my door and brought with him some unwelcome company (Crampy, Crabby, Bloaty, and Weepy).

This last post should be bottled and given to all of us who ever struggle with gratitude. I want my gratitude to be a knee-jerk reaction like yours, not something I have to remind myself to acknowledge. I KNOW that the breath in my lungs is a gift from God, but I take it for granted, far too often.

This is a good thing you're doing: sharing the beauty of your faith with others. Hope you're feeling better soon :)

Joy said...

Such a great post!!! So refreshing!!! I too am grateful for all things!!