captain obvious reporting for duty...

Hey all,
Around here we have a little name for morons who spout the obvious.
But lately there is so much malarkey that I thought I would bring Captain obvious out to play.

Like this..
(I would say this is saturday snark..but...
we don't do snark around here..
We merely report the obvious.)
First up.
Mr. Ted Turner..owner of cnn...news you can rely on..
His take on healthcare vs. Global warming..

Because apparently health care isn't a life or death issue.
Captain obvious would like to state that mammograms beat furry mammals in the life and death lottery. (although mammals are cuter)

In other news...
Captain obvious would like to state that crazy people are allowed to write things and post them on the internet.
Captain obvious understands that we all know the government's fluoridation of the drinking water is a conspiracy to keep us compliant, but spraying us with chemicals from the sky is a little far fetched.


And in even more news...
Captain obvious sees the government would like it's workers to 'please not view online leaked documents from wikileaks" as these documents are 'classified'.
Captain obvious finds the governments continued devotion to mediocrity and ineptitude, and their long standing history of being behind the eight ball commendable.
No sense in mucking things up with 'information' at this late stage.

And finally,
in the people are lonely section

This little gem

One of New York City's (midtown Manhattan's) favorite meet-up spots, according to an October report in The New York Times, is Colombian artist Fernando Botero's 12-foot-tall "Adam" statue at Time Warner Center. However, since Adam is nude and the statue is so pedestrian-friendly, maintaining it has become a problem, according to the center's general manager. As the Times described it, "Most of Adam is deep dark brown," but the easily-accessible penis "is worn golden from extensive handling." (The Times also noted that "(a)t the Botero" is a less-popular meet-up suggestion than "(u)nderneath the penis.") [New York Times, 10-21-10]

Captain obvious is tired and is going to bed.

*Hey, this is me chris...
had a good day and did my workout...will be back tomorrow with my weight and a two week goal.
Have a good one guys.


Anne H said...

They always think they run the place!

Christine said...


Leslie said...

Sgt. Endlessly Irritated here to say that Mr. Ted Turner doesn't need to worry about health care, what with being a macro-uber billionaire.

I like Captain Obvious! I'll have to incorporate him into my vernacular.

M Pax said...

LOl I like Captain Obvious.

We had Spook McGook - we blamed everything on him.

Robin said...

I miss the Saturday Snark, but Captain Obvious is pretty fun. I'm in.

Putz said...

i am crazy and for some strange reason they allow me to write on the internet

foolsfitness said...

I think G. K. Chestertson said something along the lines of, "The thing about Common Sense is that it's not so common."

Thanks for the welcome back... I'm still trying to find some stable ground... but I too trust on God, he's the only thing that keeps me together!!!

One of the latest I heard floating around the internet was people saying the world was going to end on May 21 of 2011... I couldn't help but ask why you should *Try* to live as you think each day would be the last. Who knows, a car could run me over tommorow.

The world has lost it's compass, spending so much energy on things of so little big picture importance while somehow ignoring some rather big stuff along the way.

My pet peeve is PC and hate speech. While sometimes I think what someone says is horrible... I'm thinking what *Everyone* says is "offensive" to somebody... To be safe should we all take a vow of silence? Or would that offend the monks?

Foolsfitness, playing the Blues until the cat hides under the bed-Alan

foolsfitness said...

Had to post another:

1st an error I think, I should have written shouldn't (I think) as in "shouldn't people try to live as each day might be their last?" But not in a anything goes way, but in a trying to do good for good's sake way (but you likely got the idea)


Are the lonely people there "Lonely' *BECAUSE* the "extensively handle statues? I have to admit as a single guy I'm not sure I'd *WANT* to be dating them.

Are they those people you hear about that have 24 cats and tin foil in their hats?

Oh, wait... I do the tin foil thing. But I only have one cat and I'm pretty sure I have never handled a statue beyond that one time in sixth grade.

Christine said...

@ alan, I am not sure but I think it may be a chicken and the egg thing. They are lonely so they 'visit' the statue...and then people see them visiting the statue and steer clear and so they are once again lonely. It's a vicious circle really.