How to lose 100 pounds cheap and easy

Hello all!
And to you people who are here because you googled the above sentence...I say
This is the last diet article you will ever have to read.
How do I know?
You do this, and you will lose weight...unless you have a thyroid problem diagnosed by a doctor.
So, on to the blog post.
Losing 1 pound is no different than losing 100 pounds.
How do I know.
I have lost around 117 of them.
Some of you don't know how I lost over 100 pounds.
You may be new here.
Alot of the time people come into a blog and just pick up where they come in.
When I decided to lose weight a year and a half ago...I knew a couple of things.

1.) I wasn't going to spend a penny on another diet book or program.
2.) I knew I had to eat less. For the rest of my life.
3.)I knew I had to exercise 5 to 6 days a week for the rest of my life
4.) I wasn't going to quit.

I had tried every fad diet.
I had tried putting together motivational diaries.
I once calculated to.the.calorie how long it would take me to lose 69 pounds.
I tried accepting the fat me.
I had tried punishing exercise and starving.
All these things had one thing in common.

They all lacked one thing

These were all things I would do until I was "normal".
Normal had no parameters...it was a feeling.
Therefore when I dropped 30 pounds and started feeling "normal' I would stop doing what i had been doing and go back to being 'normal."
promptly eating my way back up the scale and usually past where ever it was I had started.

I hadn't accepted that in reality, I would never be 'normal'.
So, when I had to set boundaries this time.
I used science
BMI baby. (go look up bmi calculator...plug in your height and weight...there is your bmi...it should be between 18 and 24.9...no bmi haters please...unless you are a body builder it works)
And I checked
Height weight ranges.
5'3" so I chose a goal weight of 132.
Before this last go round
I also hadn't dealt with why I used food.
I hadn't made peace with my past.
I thought my fat was the problem, not the symptom
I had a mentality that said "I will just do this for six months...get skinny and then I will BE NORMAL All my problems solved."
regular readers will recognize this sentence.
I knew this time had to be different.
So I dealt with all that, the emotional baggage.

And I spent no outlay initially on any fancy gear.
I gave myself 3 years to get the weight off.
3 years.
You know why...
So I didn't get impatient.
If I ever felt that way I would state "You were fat yesterday, you are fat today and you will be fat again tomorrow....what's the hurry? You can be getting better, or getting worse. Let's get better."

I bought no new books.
I put no faith in any particular program...I had already read them.
YOu've read them.
They come out every couple of years with the same new/old program.
Some version of eat less-move more.
couched in psycho babble feel goody terms...or food combination or more carbs or less carbs.
It's all bullsh*t.
There is no magical program.
There is no pain free way to lose weight.
You know that.

My approach was SIMPLE.
Cap my calories (1800 to start, 1500 now)
Don't quit.
That's it.

The rest is bullsh*t.
If you do these three things continually, you will lose weight.
Maybe not at lightening speed...but you will lose.

What did I buy to make this all possible?
Tennis shoes to walk in...
new socks.
a food scale so I could weigh my portions so I couldn't fudge on the calorie counting
measuring cups
measuring spoons.

That's it...the gal you see now evolved.
I didn't have workout gear when I started...I bought a 35 dollar pair of sneakers.
I walked in my t shirt and my fat woman stretchy pants.
I used my daughters scrunchies to pull my hair back.
I had my measuring cups and spoons.
I asked for that food scale as a mother's day gift.
It measures my meat serving for me and has been invaluable.
people constantly underestimate their intake.

total outlay at the beginning...around 65 dollars.
or two big diet books.
which you would probably read, and then use as dust catchers.
I know...I did it.

I decided to cut out white flour I would say approximately 80 percent of the time.
I don't do starches.
If I do, they are whole grain or a sweet potato.

I cut way back on coffee.
From one pot to two cups.
There is no food you can't live without.
Some food will sabotage you.
Make your home safe.
YOU know YOU.
Do what works for you..and don't lie to yourself.
I knew I needed a cheat meal.
If I didn't have one once a month I would start to feel rebellious, suffocated, trapped.
It's in my nature.

(which is why I go to church...but that's another story)
It is also my Achilles heel...perfectionism.

If I didn't do it perfectly, I would say "screw it".
But you know you...if one cheat MEAL PER MONTH becomes a cheat day, becomes a cheat week.
you have to sit down...be brutally honest....and do it.
If you are more than 100 pounds overweight, you aren't chubby, or fluffy, or pleasantly plump.
You're morbidly obese.
This doesn't make you a bad person...
but it is the truth.
That was a tag I avoided for forever until I looked up and saw that I was NOT pleasantly plump.
If you avoid having your picture taken..
You are probably obese.
If your child's arm is still recovering from the last picture taking session because she tried to scoot by you and you snagged her to pull her in front of you???!!!
avoiding the picture doesn't change reality.
It allows you to hide from it. For a while.
So how do you lose 100 pounds the cheap and easy way.
Well, maybe not easy..but cheap
Be honest.
cap your calories
eat good for you food...
exercise almost daily.
And do that for the rest of your life...What else are you doing?
That's it.
And if you just finished reading this and you are disappointed that there was no magical pill, special food combination and you find yourself saying
"I know all that."
And you leave here looking for something that tells you all you need is a magical pill or a special diet of leaves and twigs?
I will still be blogging next year.
Come back and see me.

Have a good one.
p.s. check your stats page people, you will be shocked at how some people reach your blog.


E. Jane said...

Your method has no madness--only truth. Thanks, because I needed to review what I already know.

Robin said...

I love your honesty. It is why I read your blog. Of course, as I have already said... not doing the weight loss, but there is SO MUCH MORE HERE THAN WEIGHT LOSS TIPS. There is life tips here. Everything that we do happens in our brains. You know that. You write that. You also put it out there in a sometimes brutally honest way. But always an honest way. There is something here for everyone. When a person is ready to start cleaning their mental house, they will be glad to have this blog. It is always full of something to ponder. Inspiration. The missing piece. Whatever. It's good to know that you will still be here next year. I find that comforting. Thank you. So many people allow me to get "close" to them in this bloggy environment and then drop the bomb that they only planned to do this for a year (from the start). Well, I sure wish that they had mentioned that right away so that I could have distanced myself right off the bat. Or not even followed from the beginning. Uh oh. I think I found a soapbox. I will save that for my blog. Keep being awesome!

Robin Out.

Beautiful Grace said...

and THAT is why I love reading your blog. It's been a while since I've been by and now I remember why I would come here daily. I love your Truth girl!


Anonymous said...

You know, Chris, part of what bogged down my weight loss was exactly what you said--I began to feel normal.

In fact, I wrote that in a post this morning, but deleted it because my t-shirt came and I wanted to write about that. :} I have my priorities.

But when I looked like most of the other 60ish women who just needed to lose a few--you know, rather than the fattest woman in the room--the oomph left. Then some other unpleasant things appeared which turned "bogged down" into backward movement, but that is for my blog.

Bottom line tho: You're just plain old right. What is needed is RESOLVE to get to a healthy weight--not a decision to feel normal.

Keep track of this post so that you can republish it regularly. It's a keeper.


Kim said...

Well sh**, I come over to visit and dangit...you always do this...blog the most friggin perfect entry that I NEED to read. lmao! I agree with the other person, file this one...use it regularly. Good stuff.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Love the common sense. This is what brought me to your blog and has kept me reading it since April 2010. That and the 40 lbs. I'm not missin'! Had lots of emotional baggage that went hand in hand with that weight. Still love keeping it real with you, Chris. I'm so glad you posted the basics again and I hope others choose to read your whole story, like I did.

that TOPS lady said...

I loved this post!

1. cap calories
2. walk
3. don't quit

That's great!

I've always had an issue with #3. PAST TENSE. HAD. Now I'm doing it.

You are an inspiration!

Anna Down Under said...

I read that thinking I already know all of this and yet I need to really KNOW it, as in actually DO it. And I am now -- thanks for putting the truth out there, and congrats on losing the weight, you look fabulous!

Hanlie said...

I love this post! Thanks Chris!

My thyroid is almost working again, so I'm getting ready for the task. There is nothing more frustrating than doing all the right things and getting no results!

Retta said...

Checked out the stats thing you mentioned.

"giggling with goats"

Okay... LOL!


karmilious said...

Thank you for giving it to us straight with no chaser!!!! I was just about to sign up for one of those programs. I'm now motivated to just do it.

AlmostGastricBypass said...

I am a little moist...

F. McButter Pants said...

This is one of your best posts ever. And you have set your own bar pretty high. I am never disappointed when I visit your blog.


Anne H said...

Two thumbs up, as usual!

Beth said...

A really brilliant post, I hope that more people stop by when they google those words in the title. It's something that we all need to hear.

I've never seen normal as far as food goes and I know for certain that I never will... This is it, capping the calories and not quitting.

My number one search term on my blog is "weight loss flagellation" lol. Not sure what to say about that one.

Jo said...

Thanks for this post. I knew it already, but you put it into words that make sense. It's going in my health notebook, where I keep my inspiration.



Kinder said...

Don't quit. That's what I need to focus on. No matter what. Don't quit.

Katie J ♥ said...

I dedicate my Sunday post to you Chris!!! You are so honest and it is ALL TRUE! Thanks for being here and sharing your life with us. I personally can say I am a better person for knowing/reading your blog! You look marvelous by the way! Love the sassy new pic.

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

This is my first visit to your blog (via Katie J).

I completely agree!!! It's taken me a long time to accept that there are no magic fixes and that I can no longer use food as a drug.

Thank-you for this great post :) You've got a new fan!

kathyj333 said...

Great post and all too true. Thanks.

NewMe said...

I have to add one more reason (and I think there are lots more than that) why it can be nearly impossible to lose weight: PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). We need to have lots of compassion for women with PCOS. It's a real double whammy: hard to lose weight and hard to conceive.

As for the BMI, I won't get into that discussion.

I respect your resolve and I particularly admire the fact that you have done what you did calmly, slowly and deliberately. After all these years, people are still taken in by the crash dieters.

Vagabonds Mercantile said...

BRAVO! What an excellent post from one the best bloggers around.

I truly respect you.

Chubby McGee said...

Soooooooooooooooo true.

And you look marvelous: simply by eating less and moving more. You rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lanie said...

As usual, I love this post!

Putz said...

the truth by christine maybe they will make you a saint<>><>of us the common folk who need to hear it like it is

Pretty Pauline said...

OUCH, love it, needed it.

Hannah Houshangi said...

I swear I'm over hearing about how if I only "cut out bread and all carbs I'll lose weight faster..."

Ignorant people. Fruit has carbs.

They can munch on their lettuce burgers but I'll stick to enjoying my wholegrain bun...

Weight is coming off me fast enough anyway I think. 13.6kg (29.5lbs) over 17weeks thus far. Eating a variety. 1300-1400 calorie cap. Exercising every day - tho I only walk. 40mins, sometimes 1hr depending on route. I must start some weight resistence for toning and increasing my metabolism but up until now I haven't had the desire. As I lose the fat I tend to want to create more 'fab'. Otherwise it kinda semi depresses me doing weights and squats at my heaviest (YET I know how it works).

I checked out my 'stats' on my blog after reading this. Someone found me after a google "How to cook a 10.7lb turkey"... No.Idea.What.That.Has.To.Do.With.My.Blog but alas! haha.

Hyla said...

I joined Weight Watchers, I joined for the meetings, I joined for the accountability. And it is working for me. And you are right it is about watching what you put in your mouth and portion size. When I started Weight watchers I was 259, about where you started, I am also 5'3". This is the beginning of the new me. I LOVE seeing the pictures on the side bar of you it makes it seem possible and when I feel down I will come back and look at those pictures. 2 weeks, and I am down 5 pounds, slow and steady wins the race. I am proud of you! I will be there with you in a couple of years. This is my first time here but not my last!

From this morbidly obese (first time ever using that) but not forever mom

Red Shoes said...

You SO ROCK!!!

I'm going back to the beginning of your blog and reading forward! you are SUCH an inspiration!!!


former fatty said...

GREAT post, you are an amazing woman, and you look fabulous!! I don't know you personally only through your blogs, but I am very proud of you,we have sooooo much in common. I myself have lost almost 75lbs with a few more to go, in 20 months. I can relate to a lot of what you have said! Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

I agree. Walking is a simple activity that can be the perfect approach to losing weight. Try to exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes and the pounds will begin to fall off.

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jsh said...

I hit the jackpot the day I clicked your pic by the comment you made on another blog... I liked what you said to that blogger and I continue to LOVE your blog.... You really tell it like it is and you are my hero...
Thank you!

Maude said...

Great post! So simple, so true, and often so challenging.

Joy said...

GREAT POST!!! So much truth! You are an inspiration to so many Chris. You've made it happen and what you have done gives me hope that it will happen for me too. As long as I do what you say - cap the calories, exercise, drink water ~ stay focused for life!!

So awesome!!!

Susans Journey To Stay Fit said...

Awesome post! You boiled it down to the bare bones on what it really takes to lose weight.
This is my first trip by your blog via Katie J...keep up the great work the world needs to hear the truth!

blank said...

I love your blog becuase there is never any BS! You are so honest and even a bit "in your face" at times, I love it.

Everything you said was so true. This is exactly how I feel and the way I am going about it this time. No programs, no books, no nonsense. It's just not for me! I wish I would have read a post like this and come to this realization years ago!

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant . . . natch.

Ellie said...

Great post, great words. Thank you for re-focusing me on my own journey.

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

WOW that was an amazing post! You are so right.

paulawannacracker said...

reading this post was like a big ole pointy finger poking right at me... I'm doing just about everything you say in your post with one BIG FREAKIN EXCEPTION... WHITE CARBY FOOD.

Love your honesty cris....

Lori said...

Very well said! Any program will work really, it's not the program - it's the person doing it that makes it happen.

Kudos to you!

Cindy said...

I just forwarded this blog post to a woman making a "wish" to be on the biggest loser. She doesn't need to be on the biggest loser. I'm sure your post will help.

Crys said...

So much truth in this post. Well written!

wahoostampingirl said...

Excellent post. I've also lost 117 lbs., have a thyroid issue and have PCOS. Weight loss can be accomplished with these conditions. Yes, it took me 3 years to get the weight off, but what you write is true for anyone. Eat less, move more and DON'T QUIT.

reeceh22 said...

I enjoyed reading your post! I've just started my own blog to keep me motivated through my weight loss journey. I'm new to the blogging community and would love it if you would follow my blog...the more followers I have, the more motivated I'll stay! Thanks!


Weighing Well said...

yeah, I have been "knowing" this stuff for years but doing it is a different story. But you speak the truth - there is nothing fancy that will bring weight loss, not a fancy book, a fancy pair of shoes, a new fat girl running outfit or on and on and on....its like you said - get real - get resolve.

Thanks again for keeping it real!