my arms are burning!

today I paid for yesterday..
nuff said.
I went and got my workout...
I have a blog post in me but I want to be clear when I write it..
it's about  life and rebuilding yourself from the ground up..
it's an interesting thought.
Anyone who's been around a while has had to do it in some way shape or form.
I am glad I made it through my remodel in tact.
Many people don't.
Did you see that thing about the football player and his girlfriend.
The news treats these things as if they are all individual happenings.
When you see enough of them,
you begin to see a pattern.
Main pattern.
Women as possessions who can be disposed of...
it's disgusting and it pisses me off.
It's a major reason I am doing what I am doing.
I want to teach young ladies how to respect themselves and draw boundaries...
so they can learn how to pick a guy who sees them as a separate person.
Not an accessory.
Have a great night guys,
Chris out.