Work Out with Brooke and Chris

I will be posting workouts on this page:
Brooke is my workout buddy...
We do some hardcore shiz...

So take that into consideration..I didn't start HERE...
I started by walking 1 mile.
So, don't start an exercise program without consulting your doctor....
That being said..It's ON.

Brooke and I do round robin..
It's a way to fit a cardio/toning routine into 60 minutes.
Here is the workout we did last week

Round 1 cardio: Jumping Jacks 1 minute
Round 2 cardio: Mountain climbers 1 minute
Round 3 cardio: Imaginary jump rope 1 minute

The circuit
Bench press 15
cross over push ups 12
lateral arm raises 12
leg raises 20 reps
V crunch 20 reps
GQ          20 reps

Wide legged squats 20 reps
curtsy lunges 20 reps each side
forward lunges 20 reps each side (these twochicks are annoying, but it works.)

so it goes like this..
round 1...start with jumping jacks then go straight into the all three exercises one time with appropriate reps, and move onto abs, do all those one set one time move onto legs all three exercises as written...
Round 2 minute of mountain climbers...then do all three sets again....same as round one.
Round 3 Imaginary jump rope...then all three sets: Arms, Abs and legs..
You don't need to rest because by the time you reach the next muscle group they've already 'rested'.

We like to finish this workout off with 3 sets of 30 reps kettle bell swings and ten assisted pull ups.
and 30 minutes of cardio...but that is how we roll...You can do a version of this...make your own workout...just find three cardio things...find three arm exercises, three ab exercises and three leg exercises..go round robin and you have a workout you can do in your own home.  INstead of weighted things, Replace those with  pushups and plands and dips...this is a workout that is endlessly variable...tones, and can be done just about anywhere.  I will put a new one on here once a week or so to give you some ideas.

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Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Fantastic!!!!! I just love that you shared this and it's awesome.