Hitting the Wall

I am taking a quick break from my 'hiatus' to share with you a little revelation I had today
It was the realization that nearly a year and a half ago I hit a wall I'll call "Good enough". Many other people will hit walls..

They may have different titles..

Something like: "Family obligations"
or perhaps:
"Why bother, nobody notices!?"

You were plugging along, doing fine...
when all the sudden you get discouraged...

or tired...or fed up...or anxious.

And you feel worn out.
Kind of like:
 (Geek alert) that scene in Helms deep In The Two towers (from the Lord of the Rings trilogy),
when our heroes of mythic Lore had gotten down to their last resources...and their courage was failing them. They felt tired and began to discuss the merits of either fleeing or surrendering...or fighting on till the death....

They chose the last option..

When it seemed no help was at hand.

They didn't lay down and die.
They stood up and fought.
And as they were fighting, they remembered!

They remembered that Gandalf said he would come on the third day.

And he did.

And they kicked some major ass...and won the victory.

But before that Gandalf's glorious gallop down the hill....all seemed hopeless.



My "Good enough" wall was constructed of things like:
I need to pay attention to my house.
I need to spend time with my kids.
I need to focus on living for a while.

And I did...
But how curious is it that I stopped 10 lbs from my goal.

How strange is it that I had gotten that close only to deny MYSELF.

Had anything changed in that short a period of time?

I finally realized that Hitting the wall is a glorious thing.

Because in every story every told...

It is always darkest before the dawn.

The battle is the most brutal.

The hero the most worn down and weary..

The future the most bleak..

and the odds almost impossible.

And the only way to win is to push past everything you believe to be true..

Past every obstacle.. bleak thought.. rational excuse.

To Knock down the wall, win the battle, and finish the race.

That is how winning is done.

So if you are hitting a proverbial wall.

You HAVE to keep pushing.

Don't retreat as I did...


Because that is the time that your victory is at hand.

I will be back when I have something more to say.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Chris out.