Waste not...want not

I and my family have tried desperately (or so we thought) to live within and beneath our means for the last six months. We have managed to pack about 900 dollars into savings, yet we still eat out, still make runs to the 7-11, and worse yet...packed a whopping 297 dollar car repair onto a credit card. I have finally realized, that to make our debts go away and our savings increase...we will have to get serious about finances and frugality. For more info, read my profile. I will attempt to blog daily on my attempts to switch from all american consumer to frugal tightwad extraordinaire. (I may have to buy a few things to make this work...lol).
Will blog more tommorrow. My experiment in tightwaddery begins on January 1rst.
Wish me luck.

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Amber said...

Sound good. I'll give ya any tips I can think of as I think of them.
Good Luck.
you can do it!!!