Eating out

Okay, so tonight My hubby and I went out to dinner while using a free large pizza coupon which we received last year. We decided to use it up so we went tonight. We got a free large pizza, then decided to get sodas and bread sticks, which cost $6.60. Using our 10% military discount, our night out came to $5.98. Not bad. This is the last time we eat out this year. We felt it wouldn't be very frugal to not use a 15 dollar coupon. I was supposed to go grocery shopping today, but since I hadn't had a chance to make a list or even decide what we were going to eat for the week (on a hundred dollar budget). I skipped it and we made do with what was in the fridge (eggs for b fast, peanut butter jelly for lunch, and we all managed to have pizza, me and Tim at papa teddy's, Sophie at a friends house, and Kate from the two pieces we brought home). The cat was out of food, so we made do with a large can of tuna and any broccoli scraps that were left over. He thought it was a treat. I have also had a really bad cold. My little brother left his airborne stuff ( he is back in las Vegas so it wasn't like we were going to mail it)and I have been using that instead of buying cold medicine. I am feeling better already. So, to the frugal round up ....I did eat out, but for 5.98 instead of 25 dollars. I am making time to make a menu and will post tommorrow or the next day on what that looks like and I am repurposing old cold medicine. Not too bad.
till tommorrow,

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