drumroll please...

brrrrr rum da da dum dum dum.....
I baked a loaf of bread...THAT ROSE. It is a whole loaf, not a two inch high door stop. I am so cocky i am thinking of trying for a whole wheat loaf of bread, if you can imagine. I go to pick up my angel food on March 28th. In the meantime I am going to be working on setting up a meal plan so I can take advantage of my food budget and make every dollar work for me. I have a 350 dollar food budget. That is for everything. Meat, cleaning supplies, pet foods, pantry staples, the whole shebang. So, on the first I take 120 dollars and buy four boxes of angel food (this is always for the following month, praise God that with our federal income tax return we were able to get ahead in this way) . Then I have 230 dollars left. I am planning on using 50 dollars to buy detergent, pet food, shampoos and personal grooming and toilet paper. I am going to have to give up my addiction to paper towels. I hear cheese cloth makes good window wash-ing equipment. anywho.....that will leave me with 180 dollars which I will spread over four weeks. That will be an additional 45 dollars a week to supplement the angel food. Which is why it is so important that I make menus. Otherwise I may end up buying things I just can't use. On second thought, maybe I should have a set amount of pantry stocking money as well. I am definitely going to need flour, sugar, oats etc. I will have to think some more. I will be working on my menus for the next few days. I will post as soon as i have them. I will also post my pantry and grocery totals for the first week. Maybe some of ya'll can use the information.
Well, have a great Saturday,
Talk at you all later,

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