My new freezer

Well, this may not seem frugal, but it will be in the long run. We went out and got a freezer this last week. I looked for a good while before settling on the one we did buy. It's a good size and we can put our angel food in it. We got three regular boxes and a special meat box, this coming month. This was only 113 dollars for ALOT of food. I have given myself a food budget of 350 dollars a month now. I think it's completely doable now that we have angel tree. I have a 50 dollar budget for animal food and soaps, shampoo and toilet paper etc. Which I also think is doable. I found 40 lbs of dog food for 20.40. Cat food for the month costs around 7.00. We can do this. We are going to take any extra income and use that as the Lord directs. We are going to pray over it and then talk about our needs and apply it that way. My kids have started wrapping up their left overs and placing them in the fridge. Waste not, want not. I am really starting to like saving money. I actually cringed the other day when I saw a lady pay a dollar thirty seven for a little pack of gum. It's the nickles and dimes that get you. Well, I think I will update my religion blog now. I have a lot to say lately. Talk at you all later. Oh, I am also blogging from home now. We ditched our cell phones and are currently using Vonage and high speed Internet. It is 25 dollars less a month than the cell phones alone. We have cut our phone bills, our car insurance, our food bill and many other items. It is incredible how much money you can save when you have to. I really feel badly for all the money wasted when we just weren't paying attention. God has given us every blessing, we should use each one wisely.
signing off,


Amber said...

A frezzer is great to have! You can do much more bulk shopping and frezzing when you have room to store it!!
We love our frezzer!!!

Brenda said...

I just heard about Angel Tree, but we don't have one here. My neice, Amber, said they are in Colo. Spgs. where we will be moving within the year, Lord willing.
Yes, your freezer will pay for itself in no time.
Happy week to ya!

Reva said...

You're right about the pennies adding up. I realize how much money I waste when I get out of the hospital and start getting back on my feet. My checking account always has alot more money in it than I expect, because I haven't been around to spend those extra dollars and cents on who knows what.
I'm about ready to get my cowboy on this next week, how about you?

Amber said...

I loved the friend bread you sent over tonight!
I think I'll havr to try it. (making it myself)