Breader luck next time….

Okay, I attempted two batches of bread, the first rose two inches, the second about four inches. I looked it up on the internet and found out that if you don’t knead the bread enough, it won’t develop the appropriate carbon dioxide bubbles to adhere to the yeast. Therefore, the yeast will be dispersed into the air as opposed to getting trapped in the bubbles within the bread created by the carbon dioxide. Therefore, I will beat the bread for about ten minutes tomorrow and see what occurs. I also got a price quote online from progressive which states it is 60 dollars a month cheaper than geico. I am going to call on Monday to see if this is correct. If so, We will be switching to progressive. I dislike their social policy and their charitable structure, but we really have to cut back. This is a good area to cut expenses.
Poor Kate had to eat my bread today for lunch. She tried but ended up eating the ham and cheese from the sandwich and tossing the rest. If you think about things as they were long ago, the family really relied on the mother to be able to cook, clean, bake and sew. Our modern society looks down on these things and stay at home moms as archaic right now. However, I feel like in the current climate, with people making less, buying less and using less. Some of these skills will come back into fashion. Maybe there will be a return to home and family. I hope so.
Blogging from thriftland,


Brenda said...

Love the title to your post! Great attitude. I just recently learned to make tortillas (w/ oil instead of lard or shortening). They are delicious and even turn out round! So that's going to be one of my weekly staples.

Anonymous said...

I am also trying to find ways to cut corners, and cooking has to be one of them. I am getting better but still need a little work.
One day.

Christine said...

Well, I kneaded the hoo out of the bread with not much better results. Tim said my pans were too large. He kneeded the same amount of bread for 15 minutes and put it in one pan and got one big fat loaf which we used this morning for the kids lunches. ugh. So will try the one loaf thing. Goodness, who knew it was so hard.