week two, battle of the bread

Okay, so I bought energy efficient bulbs and baked some bread. I don't think the yeast activated as I hoped. I made dough gobs. (basically fried bread), and bean soup. It tasted good. However, when I tried to bake the second loaf and it didn't work. It only rose about three inches. Not enough to make a sandwich. I will try again tonight. I replaced twelve of our bulbs with energy efficient ones. I have stopped driving the van and filled up our car last night. I priced canned goods and stuff at walmart today. Great value is truly a great value...ba dum dump....sorry. lol.
68 cents per can on veggies. flour sugar and rice are all cheaper. I found a 40 pound bag of pedigree for $20.40. I am still working on our food budget. I am trying right now to get it down to three hundred. That way when my student loans come due in july I can have some money set aside to keep buying groceries in the three hundred dollar area. otherwise I will have less. I January of next year we can canel sbp and get an extra 124 dollars a month. We will also get a cost of living adjustment and our va waiver will go down. I just have to hold on for about six months. In total it will give us about 300 dollars extra. When you are this tight, that is a massive amount. well, hope all is well with you guys. talk at you next week.
p.s. While I agree we don't need to be bashing our leaders, I think we as americans cannot allow our government to freely spend our and our childrens futures on not only frivolous things, but immoral things as well. It's one thing to spend money on shovel ready construction projects to put people to work, quite another to send hard earned tax dollars to mexico to fund the murder of the unborn. JMO.
God bless.

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Amber said...

Sorry about the bread. Good luck next time.
Thats why I love my bread maker... put ingr. in and turn on. voila bread in a few hours.
Comes in very handy.
I'm tempted to jusy buy an eletric scooter and tie a wagon for the kids onto the back. HAHA I bet I'd get a ticket for that one...unsafe vehicle.