angel food ministries

Well, on February 28th, I should be picking up my first supply of angel food food. If that makes sense. (by the way I am typing from the library). I will see how far it goes with my family, and make adjustments to my ordering accordingly. I noticed that the dollar movie theatre has movies for only 75 cents on tuesdays. That is cheaper than watching them at home from hollywood video. (bring your own snacks of course). Then right next door to the dollar theatre is this really nice used clothing store called plato's closet. It has high end clothing for sale (meaning things like tommy HIlfiger jeans for ten dollars and what not. I have a fifteen year old, so these things are important to her. I managed to get a deferment on my student loans, this frees up our food budget a bit and gives tim more time to get back on his feet. I have been watching our government spend money like it's going out of style. I am not sure people even realize that we are going to have to pay this all back. I was listening to John Hagee the other day and he was talking about how much we are spending. He said "If you opened a business at the birth of Christ, and lost 1 million dollars A DAY from then until today, you would have to continue losing 1 million dollars a day for another seven hundred years to spend or lose a trillion dollars. Our government is currently 12 trillion dollars in debt. That is scary. I fear inflation is on the way, inflation that could make it incredibly difficult for people to buy food or live. America needs to be on its knees praying for our politicians, and many of our people, to repent and begin the long hard process of paying what we owe.
We need to be praying for our president and congressional leaders to bite the bullet and make some very real, very hard decisions...or life will make it for them.
Till next Tuesday,


Amber said...

Everyone is tightening their belts, and it's not a bad thing. I too hope our President and others make the best descions for our country.
Other than that we are all on our own. So I guess we better start working together.

Hope Tim is feeling better.
See ya tomorrow

Brenda said...

I agree with Amber.
Now it's our responsibility to pray for him and not bash him like so many do...like that's gonna help!