weekly frugal action update

Okay, just a quick stop by to say what it is I am doing today. Today I am buying energy efficient light bulbs and trying to find ways to cut down on water consumption before summer. If my husband is unable to go back to work for a long period of time, I am thinking of shelving our van and just using the car. That would save us 19 dollars a month. For some reason our electric bill was higher last month, so I am going to see what we can turn off or unplug at night to save some money. I can save money on gas by planning all my trips. I am going to see if I can’t change the oil in both vehicles myself. That would save us some money. I will look into car care seminars. They have them sometimes on post. So, I am going to look that stuff up today. Later tonight I am going to make some bread with my youngest. I think that I would like to buy more food from angel tree, I am just afraid some would go rotten, like the carrots. I Might just look up whether or not you can freeze eggs and carrots. If you can, then I can buy more. I am also going to look up where to buy food grade buckets around here. If I am going to save money I am going to have to cook more. So, here’s the list.
1.) Buy energy efficient light bulbs
2.) Plan our trips for the next two weeks for maximum efficiency
3.) Buy in bulk
4.) Check out the price of oil by the case.
5.) Make bread
6.) Internet research at the library on baking, soups, what you can freeze and the price of oil and oil filters and maybe general car maintenance.
It took me a while to realize how many prepackaged foods and services we take for granted. If you think about all the noodles, bread and pre made sauces you buy, you could probably really save a lot by buying whole food and processing it yourself. The sheer amount of paper towels I use could be cut in half. I really want to keep homeschooling and so don’t want to have to go to work, but if I have to, I would only want to work part time. While I am at the library, I would also like to look for word processing manuals so I can learn how to use word and excel better. Well, will sign off for now.


Amber said...

Sound like a plan to me. There are so many things we can all do to save money. I need to find out a few more. I guess I need to do some more reasearch.

Brenda said...

Hi, I'm over from Amber's blog (my niece). I look forward to following your progress. Now I have some of your previous posts to go thru!
What a great challenge. We all could save so much even with baby steps.