Want to lose weight? Try simple

Hey guys...
As I have said before,  I am back on track and moving forward..will post my next loss on September 1rst.

As you all know, I started out morbidly obese. 

I lost weight for the first few months by limiting my calories to 1800 calories and walking a mile a day.

Too simple?

No dissection of calories and carbs and proteins and the benefits of weight lifting etc.


Because when and if you are morbidly obese...the idea of eating salads, yogurt...attending a gym where most of the women are the size of your thigh holds all the appeal of an interrogation by the stazi. 

I saw two ladies this week who were well over 400 pounds.

One was in her car in the parking lot of the px on post.

She was eating a big mac and a extra large soda..

Her body squeezed  behind the steering wheel, it was cutting into her stomach.

She looked miserable.

I remember sitting in my car and eating.

And feeling a temporary relief accompanied with shame and misery.

You get to the point where you feel hopeless..

That it's 'too late'.

She had that look.

The look of the condemned.

I wanted to say something..but knew if I had been in her position, it would have just made me feel humiliated and hurt.

So I didn't say anything.

The second lady was walking to her car after getting off her shift from Charlie's steakery.

Watching her walk across the parking lot slowly...I remembered that pain shooting up through the bottom of my feet...

How every step felt like a red hot poker..

And I was about 150 pounds less than this lady when I started.

the pain she was in...I can't even conceive.

When you are that big...and you have that large of a hill to climb.

Don't worry about the details.

Start simple.

Stick to it..
And in a month or two if you feel you need to eliminate something..or add something...do it then.

When you have success under your belt and you are beginning to have faith in yourself again.

Till then keep it simple.
And know that it is possible.
You are not condemned to spend the rest of your life in pain.

Just commit and begin.


E. Jane said...

I totally agree with you--especially the comment about the appeal of belonging to a gym when you're significantly overweight. I think you answered the question of why I hate the gym.

PJ Geek said...

Thanks. a good reminder.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

This is such a great post- without any mumbo jumbo. So simple and true... and freeing.

Helen said...

Such a great reminder, even for me. I can really get wrapped up in all the details of weight loss.

UpsAndDowns said...

Very motivating words!

Unknown said...
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outdoor.mom said...

awesome that you are doing that class :-) thanks also for visiting. it is hard to get inspired sometimes. i went through some difficulties and it was really really hard to blog for a long time. Its kind of like an outlet for creativity and when we can't say whats going on inside of us we're a bit squelched. May your writing get easier and attitude and all :-) blessings!!

Unknown said...

Congrats, Chris! How impressive! It’s really a matter of perspective and discipline, isn’t it? That’s the two important factors one should have to shed the extra pounds and the first step to living a healthier lifestyle.

Anna Higgins