call it what you will..I choose now.


I am done being overweight.
So I choose now.
I have knocked my calories back to 1400 and am doing two workouts a day...
one in the morning and one in the evening.
I will deal with moderation when I get to my goal.
Till then, screw moderation.
It seems to be code for f*cking off.

This was day 2.
You know what...it's a lot more motivating when  you are moving forward..
Then it is when you are going in circles trying to talk yourself out of commiting because
you quote, "want to be able to do this the rest of your life."

Do what..
maintain mediocrity?
I can 'do this the rest of my life' when I get to goal weight.

People can call it crazy, or extreme or whatever..
Call it what you will.
I choose to do the hard work now.
I choose to suffer in the short run so I can win in the long run.

as Mohammed Ali once said:

"I don’t count my sit-ups. I only start counting when it starts hurting. When I feel pain, that’s when I start counting, because that’s when it really counts."

When you push past where  you are now, and push through the pain..You realize that all that time you have sat at a certain point...you were capable of so much more. 
I am better than where I am now. I am capable of more.

I choose now.

Chris out.


Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Oh, I love that quote from Ali. I'm gonna add that one to my list. NIce post. As usual you inspire me. Thanks.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

I hear ya. Believe me, I do.
Kick some serious a$$, Christine.
I'm right here with you, sick of mediocrity. You ARE capable. We all can do better. Count me in.

Joy said...

I'm with you!! Keep up the great work!!

Stay focused!!!!!

UpsAndDowns said...

Wow!! U will get there - I believe it! :-)

Putz said...

you are crazy

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

You go girl! Why maintain mediocrity? I love this post!!


Retta said...

Been chewing on this post for days. Finally swallowed. :-}

This was excellent. Plan to post on it tomorrow in fact. Thank you Chris!

Annalisa@Gracie'sGarden said...

I missed reading you Chris.
I lost interest in blogging.
Oh, okay... the truth. I'm up to 178 :(
I started a new blog a few months back, and ignored it, feeling too sad and disappointed in myself, to even start. Not cool.
So, now I'm ready, went to set up my side-bar with my favourite blogs. You first - you were ALWAYS my favourite, because you say it like it is. No sugar added. No bulls*t. And you're a Christian. And you've overcome soooooo much. That is why I love you.

I've just read through the last page of posts,starting with "Making today THE day everything changed..." on July 2. Well, actually I read backwards... anyway... I am thrilled to see this journey of yours. So dynamic, evolving, coming into it's own. I cannot help but being inspired. And I can't help but appreciate that we've both let ourselves creep back up the scale, but NOT GIVING UP!!! I am with you Chris. Not yet at the twice-a-day workout phase... YET. But I can't wait :)
PEACE! And hey - good luck with your Art. Make as much time for that as you can.... hey - can you post photos? Would love you to share :)

Robin said...

It sounds like you're really back this time. Please tell me you're really back.... I don't feel good enough to come all the way to Colorado to kick your ass. If you gave me your telephone number, I am pretty good at a verbal ass kicking if you tell me you need it. LOL. Seriously, I have been worried about you. This makes me feel the tiniest bit better. Since this is one week old... if you were posting daily, I would feel a whole lot better. ((Hugs))

Would you consider taking the captcha off your blog? I seriously have more trouble with that darn thing.... And I am not a robot.