Who has the power?

You have the power.

Have you ever been driving down the road and looked at the center line..and though for a moment about the fact that the only thing keeping the other car on their side of the road (apart from a healthy sense of self preservation) are societal norms and a bit of paint?

The only thing keeping you from their side is the same?

One flick of your hand..and the lives of at least two people are changed forever.

You could change your whole life in one hour.

YOu could go home...pack up and leave.
you could ask for a divorce..call everyone you know and tell them you are done.
Quit your job.
Jump off a bridge.
stand naked in the town square.

The only thing that stops us from doing things...is our own mind.
Our conscience.
Our norms.
Today I did something I don't normally do.
I unfriended someone on facebook..
I did it because I realized that I no longer want people in my life,
who are nothing but a simmering ball of hate..
to fill my life with their invective.
who pollute my soul with their ignorance..
I don't care.
In one moment, I said no more.

Now with some things...it is harder.
and you may have to pay a bigger price.
to have the life you truly want...
It's worth it.
You have the power.
You just have to DECIDE.

once you decide, you move forward...
and it will probably be painful..
but paying short term
beats the hell out of long term regret.
There can be nothing sadder than looking back on a life you wasted.
 wasted trying to be a person you didn't like very much..
doing things you can't stand
for people who don't really give a shit...
in a life they don't have to live.

People always have opinions about the lives of others.
Yet, they don't have to live it.
You do.
When you come to die...no one will be looking back for you...rationalizing your decisions.
It will just be you.
And I think about this quite often.
The clarity on the day of your death..
I am betting and guessing..
is amazing.
a clear view to the horizon.
The only things we will regret will be not living fully and not loving enough.

It is not going to be the number on the scale.
although getting healthy to enjoy life is important.
IT's not going to be the bank account...
although being frugal and saving matter...

I want to look back and see that I took whatever power I had and leveraged it into a life that was full and fantastic.
I will not hand my power to anyone.
I will not abdicate my possibilities.
With love,


Anna Down Under said...

Powerful stuff. I've been trying to take control of my life for awhile now and it's not easy, but I definitely don't want to reach the end of my life filled with regrets. The number on the scale is certainly not important in the scheme of things and yet I already regret waiting until age 50 to do something about it. Nearly 100 pounds down I should be feeling great but I see how far I have to go and how much older I'm starting to look. There are other things I want to do that I've put off for too long already. You're right, we have the power to choose to live our best lives or not. So often we choose not ... often because on some level we don't feel deserving of more or better ... that's something I'm still working on.

Kimberly said...

It's clear to me that you haven't just gotten healthy physically, but emotionally too! I've lost weight before...most of us have. But without the changes in our thinking, the weight will come back! It doesn't matter what you write about, the work you've done and the way you see things shows how healthy you are!!! You're an inspiration Chris...in so many ways!!!

Retta said...

"The only things we will regret will be not living fully and not loving enough."

LOVE that sentence!

Robin said...

As always so much to think about here. I particularly like, "I will not abdicate my possibilities." How many times do we abdicate simply because it is easier? Not better. But easier. In doing so, all of those possibilities dissipate into nothingness. How sad is that????

katie said...

Don't "ask" for a divorce - take the divorce. I told my ex husband
"I'm leaving and I'm divorcing you".
I wasn't giving my power away to him or anyone.
Worked out beautifully for both sides.

Jae said...

Yes, yes, YES!!!

The power of realizing the key to my prison, all along, was in my hand.

Preach, sister ;)

Robin said...

I am planning on posting the Thursday post tomorrow. Yeah, I know.

Did you see what I dedicated to you last week? If so, I missed it...

Sean Anderson said...

Powerful post. Thank you. I must practice this a little more often.