Hey all, busy week...

again, Sorry Guys!
I wasn't able to get to the computer much this week.
But my week was really full. Again, I can't post the pictures here...but will post them here.
I got to the gym. I feel much better but am still struggling to fit my food in with the families food.
That is why I will be making a menu for next week along with calorie counts. I will post Monday and wednesday and friday...

I heard something today that really struck me.
Well several things.
Things about the culture we are surrounded by and the ease with which we can be pulled into bad behaviors by the people around us.
We can be tempted to sink to the lowest common denominator.
Look at our politicians, the wall street bankers....It would be easy to be sleazy.
So many people are.
But we can choose to rise above all that...even if no one notices or cares.
We notice, we care.
We have to live with ourselves.
I think this is true.
When we use our circumstances as an excuse...
or our surroundings.
We are really just giving our power away.
When we accept responsibility for participating.
We are taking the power to RESPOND AND CHANGE back.
If the power lies in everyone else's hands...if it doesn't lie with you...
Then you have no feeling of control at all.
But if you take responsibility...you begin to change what you can control.
That is when change can occur.
If each person would take personal responsibility, refuse to take the easy way....how many people could they influence?
I want to be able to look back at my life and know I lived by my principles.
I spent a lot of time alone this week thinking and I wrote my  life purpose...or my life statement.
It's something I read a long time ago in the book The seven habits of highly effective people.
It's basically what you want people to see in you...a kind of modus operandi of how you choose to conduct yourself and live life.
I never really got around to it till last Tuesday when It all just kind of flowed out of me.
I will post it on monday.
Crappy and short post, I know.
But I will be around on sunday to comment and leave a blog post on my frugal blog..
And...I will be blogging three times next week and responding to comments.
I hope everyone is doing well...and if you want to drop by and see my pictures here is the link.(oh, and here is a quick shout out to Mr. Putz...aka mr. puma...liking the new name Mr. Puma...rawr! lol)
Chris out.


downsizers said...

Amen. Preach it sister. I read on my facebook page one of my nephews lamenting about what a shame it was that Anthony Weiner stepped down. It was his personal life. How have we come to think that our personal lives have no bearing on our professional lives? Did he go from sending pictures of his genitals to women to Congress and become a different person? What a weiner. He lied repeatedly about it but some liberals want to be all enlightened and intellectual and show their tolerance. I had better shut up.

Anonymous said...

Chris! I stopped over to see the photos and when I saw the one of you sitting on the couch, I though, "Oh, Chris's daughter looks so much like her!"

Ha. Second look--it was you! not the teenaged daughter. Wahoo, you!

And the Weiner thing. Yeah. Really. Someone with that kind of impulse control and judgment should be part of running the country, how? Ack.


Retta said...

Oooh, the paint job on your house turned out lovely. And the plants add that finishing touch.

We planted 5 tomato plants this year. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics!

You are so right about control. Right now I have none. Need to work on that.

Hope the rest of your weekend is great!!!

Hanlie said...

I like the idea of a personal "code of conduct". Brilliant!

Joy said...

It is so sad what our young people see and learn from our leaders.

I love the idea of writing my life purpose. I will work on it!

Keep focused!

Ice Queen said...

Actually, this wasn't a crappy post at all. You said something I needed to read, again. It reinforced an ongoing lesson for me. Thank you for that. <3

Putz said...

i have observed in my short life that most people i know tkae the high road in life<>><,.i am so proud of my friends who really are very sound thinking and do what is right

Quiltingranny said...

Amen! I have been accused of being to honest and that honesty people use against me, but I can't be anything but! As far as politicians, why can they break the laws, go to prison and their felony doesn't count against them...some other sleeze bag will hire them!
I am who I am and I am proud of who I am and I know God is too!