It's necessary.
God above knows how greatful I am to have the life I have.
I was dropping off stuff at Goodwill...(The same Goodwill I shop at lol)
And then we drove through an apartment complex on our way to walmart.
It was a poorer area of town.
Noticeably so...kiddy cars parked on hot concrete slabs right next to the roadway.
The only grass was weeds peeking up through cracks in the pavement....
Sheets over windows.
Sophie said "Do kids really live and play there?"
I said "Yes, they do.'
She said "That's sad."
It is. While my minivan may be missing it's gas cap flippy thingy and have a crushed muffler...My daughter has a yard to play in and quiet streets to ride her bike on...
Wonderful neighbors. 
She is also healthy, as is my oldest.
today I was exasperated because she kept begging to be outside....She got a sunburn yesterday from laying out.  I told her No...not after 8.
Then I read http://www.prayingfornoah.com/2011/06/sad.html  
I don't even have words.
I had a good day, I ate right...I exercised...
I watched my daughter ride her bike..my oldest complain about the headset and the fact that we are down to ONE computer.
And I was exasperated because my kid wouldn't stop playing.
Lucky me.
lucky me.
Chris out.


Ms. M said...

Wow! I've noticed your button for Noah for awhile, but never clicked on it til now. That's so terribly sad and definitely puts things into perspective. And now that I'm crying again I think I should go to bed. :)

outdoor.mom said...

lucky, blessed, us - thinking thanful!!

downsizers said...

I was driving on my route when it used to be really long (0ver 300 miles) and was listening to the radio and the station was having a fundraiser for some children's hospital. They said "the next time you get behind a school bus that stops every few houses and you are impatiently sitting behind it, remember some people are taking their kids to chemo treatments". That's not the exact wording but you get what I mean. I have that aggravation in a whole new light now. Thank God those kids are able to walk out to the bus, can learn, and have a school to attend. We take so much for granted and God has ways of reminding us of our blessings. I don't get impatient waiting behind school buses now and also made a friend in Sarah over at "Thinfluenced" whose son is battling leukemia. You may want to visit her. She has a great perspective and loves God.

Hanlie said...

We have so much to be grateful for. It's good to be reminded of that sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chris. You have a beautiful hearat. :)

Love the bright new bloggy face, too.

Thank you for your prayers for Kenna. I'll report when a change happens.


Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog....love it!!

Lisa said...

:( Things like this really make us think...

Joy said...

Great post Chris. We are truly Blessed!

Keep up the great work my Friend and stay focused!

Anonymous said...

I was just pondering the same this weekend; trying to gripe about the smashed landscaping that happened when the roof was replaced, then caught myself. We HAVE a roof over our heads - a brand new, thick, hail resistant roof; plenty to eat; four wonderful, healthy, well educated kids.

The plants will grow back.

P.S. LOVE the new background!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

It's good to know that life really is good for most of us, most of the time. We should all take the time to notice it more often.
Also, thanks for the Colin Powell story you left in my comments. That is really cool!