choosing to care

Hey all,
How is it going?
Pretty good here...I have still been going to my defense classes...I have been working out.

I have been thinking.
It is easier not to care.
It is easier to come to a place in life where you simply let go of hoping..
hoping things will get better..
Hoping that what you say or do will make a difference.
I did that...and having done that...I can say it was much easier.
Caring is harder...emotionally and physically.

It's very in vogue to be 'tolerant' of people's choices.
especially when people's choices don't involve you or anyone you love.
"Well", you think "That's their choice."
"They made their bed, I guess they will have to lie in it."
But some people's choices are shaping an entire generation of apathetic and uneducated people.

I was on facebook earlier..
And someone said divergent life choices were like saying 'Potato potahto"
You know...
One person chooses to become a hooker and die of a heroin overdose...that's potato..
another chooses to become a doctor and  heal the sick...that's potahto.

We are all just 'struggling' to be human..so we can't judge the relative value of either contribution.

And to whit...since this is my blog...I say BULLSHIT

I nearly unfriended that person.

well..not that person..but a friend who liked the insanely stupid comment.
It isn't the same.
The reason our society is in the neck deep level of shit it is in
Is BECAUSE of this mentality EXACTLY.
The idea that there are not poor choices or good choices...just choices.
The idea that your choices only affect you, that you only owe things to you..and not your family or friends...the idea that the choices you make aren't a ripple affecting the lives of others.


What you choose to do in life...daily.
Everything from getting up in the morning on time, to making your kids' breakfast...to being responsible in paying your bills OR being kind to that person you meet who is having a bad day.
It does.
What you do MATTERS.
When you sluff off, give into your bad temper...hurt people by being unfaithful or rude or late or inconsiderate.
It's a ripple. 
Does that mean you have to be perfect? No.
But it does matter!
As each day progresses since I have felt whole and capable of moving forward...this phrase has settled into my head "You sculpt your life with your own hands'.

You create it, for good or ill and when YOUR time is UP it is UP.
What does it say?
What do you want it to say..
What do you want it to SCREAM.
What will it mean when you are gone.
Will it be about you...or about the people you loved and loved you.
The people you helped.
What you contributed..what you taught..what you passed on?!
So  the phrase that you could use when looking at two divergent paths isn't potato potahto...

example vs. warning..
legendary vs. infamous.
Saint vs. tyrant.
fulfilled vs. wasted

What  you leave behind you can be a trail of enlightenment...or a path of excrement.
I intend to make the most of mine.
chris out.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Amen Sista!!!!
It does matter.
We are all connected.
It's like the fabric of a blanket. When some strands become weak and begin to fray, it affects the strength, longevity and integrity of the whole blanket.
I think it's deceitful to think that we have no affect on each other, or that character doesn't matter.
We have to teach our kids that it does, because this is no longer taught in society.
We always have a choice, it's true, but we DON'T have a choice when the consequence comes...

Rock on Girl!!
I love reading your blog!!

Amber said...

I agree.
The choices we make have outcomes, good or bad, they affect other people.

Robin said...

I know just what you mean. I have been having very similar thoughts of late. You have put them into the words for me. Thank you very much. So, I second everything you said!!!!

Quiltingranny said...

You are so right Christine and that is why I do not believe in apathy or watching someone freeze to death...that is why I am only 1 person but stood up to help give those in Aurora comfort. Everyone told me I couldn't make a difference, I was only one person but I have made a difference, to the entire communications department, 4 fire fighters and families of the lost. I chose to make a difference and would love for you to stop by and like our FB page:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aurora-Colorado-Emergency-Responder-Quilts/401592493230782
So many told me they couldn't help, they wouldn't help and thankfully many more said yes!

Christine said...

will do quilting granny. What a great thing to do...this state has had it's share of bad times this year, that is for sure. One person can make a difference. Off to like your page now.

Joy said...

I think a lot about the legacy I leave. Always striving to be a good example to others!! Not always easy, I just do it anyway!

Keep focused!!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Oh yes, it matters! Everything we do matters- to someone, somewhere. It is often so frustrating dealing with apathetic attitudes and people who just seem bent on getting what they can from anyone they can.
I refuse to give up. I will do what I can to improve the lives of people- people I love, people I meet and people I don't even know or ever will. I am bound and determined to remain positive in this world. It may be difficult these days, but not impossible.
Thanks for reminding us how much what we choose to do does matter. I heartily agree!

E. Jane said...

I also believe that our actions have consequences and outcomes. This is a good reminder of why we need to stay positive and very much in the world.