knife attack and cardio

Hey all,
Thought I would pop in and discuss what I have been up to..In vee arnis jitsu we have been learning about the five angles of attack and how to block and respond to those five angles.
I go in the afternoon, and basically..I am usually the only one in class. I really enjoy that because it gives me an opportunity to ask questions and get a lot of training in.

My teacher in the afternoons in Jeannie.
I like her.
She is lowkey and funny and very good at what she does.
Every day I become more and more sure of my path.
I really believe in this system and I really want to teach other women how to use this system.

I did the incline on Saturday.

My legs felt pretty good but feel I have let my cardio slip somewhat.
So, muscle wise I am doing fantastic, but I am going to recommit to cardio..
At least 30- minutes 6 days a week while shooting for an hour on my VAJ days.
My goal being weight loss and the ability to do the incline in less than 45 minutes.
Below is a video of the five angles of attack and some of the stick work I am doing.
I am very excited about it.
These are skills and techniques I am eager to learn and share.

On another note....I am still at 160 lbs....and I have been hit on twice in the last two weeks by attractive men.
It's not about the weight level.
I think it's my confidence level.
The happier you are, and the more sure of your path..
the more you radiate that around you.
And whereas before, the attention would have sparked a negative consequence..
This time I felt nothing but perhaps a feeling of being flattered and a bit amused.
One guy said "Don't take this wrong...but you make toeshoes look good'. That amused me.
The other guy yelled across a crowded eatery "Are you married? "  And I found that flattering.
of course I said yes, I am...
again, no negative consequence.
I am calmer...
I am working on being calm in most situations.
Thinking things through and applying the calm determination to every aspect of my life.
Impatience is my biggest problem these days, as it has always been.
So learning to stay calm in situations that would have set me off previously is my focus for the next month or two.
Hope all is well with you guys.

Chris out.


MargieAnne said...

You have come a long way.

Glad you are doing what you love and hope you are finding a way to be in your art space too.


Robin said...

As always, lots to think about here...

Unknown said...

youre such a role model for me.

Helen said...

Impatience is a big problem for me too. Just yesterday as I whined, a friend said to me, "Helen, you're a runner. Think of it this way: it's not a sprint, it's a marathon. Just start applying that to other areas of your life and you're going to reach the finish line."

Something to think about for sure.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Glad to hear you're doing well. You sound more secure and satisfied than ever.
There is freedom in knowing that we are where we belong. Don't you think? ...Even if it is a transitionary phase (for some of us).

Retta said...

Wow. From panic attacks and almost fainting, to feeling amused and flattered at attention from men. You have come a long long way!
Obviously much inner healing has taken place. I'm happy for you!

Seth said...

ha - interesting pick up lines...I like that the one just went for it and asked if you were. No need to waste time right? :)

Christine said...

@CArla-Wow. Thank you...you are a role model for me.

@ Loretta- It's been a long process. But yes.

@ seth..you know, I appreciated it too...the are you married thing. It felt very honest and clean. I like that.
@ yellow rose- Having a sense of solidity is incredible. It'sa first. Even if it is transitory. Most t hings in life are though, aren't they?

@ Helen_ Quit whining and do it. lol. yup..that's me all the way. Learning to apply that mantra daily is the hard part.

@ Margie anne- I am trying...I do it in spits and spats...different seasons and all that. Thank you for reading and commenting and being there from the beginning.

Christine said...

oh, and Robin...as always..I'll see you on facebook lol.