The power of becoming who you are truly meant to be....

This one is a humdinger..
and perhaps not meant for the faint of heart or easily offended..
If you get offended easily..
slide on out the back.

Now. I was at the gym today.
And I got a bit irritated.
I was on an ellliptical *YEA!*
(glad to be back on a piece of cardio equipment..this 'letting the leg rest' thing was awful)
and I look to my right.
And there is a man and a woman..
boyfriend and girlfriend I believe.
She was all done up in makeup and hair..
and skimpy outfit.
on an elliptical...while her boyfriend programmed her equipment for her...while she was working...
he was telling her how to make her body over in a way that would give her a 'tighter ass.'
while she giggled and acted like she was either a five year old or an illiterate.
I couldn't tell which.
So, I am going to town...and the guy programming her her thing looks over at me.
I was in my martial arts t shirt.
And he gave me the eye.
Not the good one...but a 'your not in your proper place' eye.
I gave him the stink eye back.
Cause that's me..
If I could have flipped him the bird, I would have.
If I would have had a card to my training facility..I would have given it to his girlfriend.
Weak men don't like strong women.
Weak men are afraid of a confident woman.
Weak men like weaker women.
Because deep down, they are afraid of not being enough of a man to handle a strong woman.
My husband loves me because I am a strong woman...
When I mentioned that incident to him...(while we were practicing jabs on a heavy bag)
he said a tall african american woman was running at the same time he was..
and she was faster than him..
and when the time came to pass him...she didn't..
she stayed behind him.
and he kept waiting.and she didn't pass..even though she could have.
I think we women need to look at our mentality..and ask ourselves..
Do we say one thing and then either consciously or subconsciously play to old stereotypes so as not to stand out?
Why do we fear being strong.
Do we fear  whittling down the pool of available men.
Do you really want a man so morally weak, that he relies on your failure to feel more like a man?
So after Tim and I were done with the jabbing.
We went downstairs..Where I was the only woman in the weight room.
and got the eye from a few more guys.
Till I benched 90 pounds 5 times
and 75 lbs 8 times...two more times.
Most of the men looked away..but one or two looked at me with respect..
and one or two looked at me with a face that said dyke.
And you know what I think of that.
**** you.
I love me.
I love my power.
I love what my body is capable of..
and I won't let small and weak minded people stop me.
And if you are allowing the expectations of others stop you...
just know that the power of becoming who YOU ARE...and not who people EXPECT YOU TO BE.
is the most liberating feeling you will ever have.
Get out there and kill it every day.
Live and love life.
chris out.


Clydesdale Jogger said...

I have nothing to add except an Amen!

Robin said...

You rock.

So glad you are back.

I dedicated something to you on my last Thursday post, but I think you missed it due to your hiatus. Given the length of time since your last posting... let's see if you can "connect the dots."

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Awesome! Love it! Standing up and clapping... you deserve to take a bow for this one.

Seth said...

Hey there badger (my workout nickname post is one of my top visited posts to this day), and i saw it today and you had commented calling yourself badger. I can't stand it when women laugh like that - it's like they forget how to act normal when they are trying to impress someone.

christina said...