Why the 'west wing' is not a workout.

so...inertia...that's where I am at...rest my leg for the first week...
today I got to take a 'small walk' around the neighborhood.
tomorrow I will be headed to the gym where I can do the upper body portion of this mother.
but lower body, not so much.
Then I will take another 'small walk'.

but In the MEANTIME.
I am into season 2 of the west wing.

It's a great show..
My vocabulary improves daily..
I laugh.
But I can feel my @ss spreading.
nuff said.

I haven't sat around this much since I was obese.
I can't really remember  how to do it properly.
ah well..
this is temporary.
Hope you are all moving forward.
Chris out.


Helen said...

You know I feel for you as I now battle the back issue caused by last year's fractured foot. It sucks but when rest is called for, it must be done. Hang in there!

Robin said...

The acting was very good on that show.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

These are the times when I miss all that extra cushioning that I used to have on my ass. Seriously, it is so much harder to sit for long periods of time anymore. Damn you, I found your blog and then I ended up with a bony ass!