Learning not to give a crap what people think...

OKAY....I realize I have not been around for a few days..I have been sick as a dog!

But I am feeling better and tomorrow I will be back at it!
That being said..
I was listening to the radio on the way home  to the store today.

They were talking about people who were obese...
and the radio announcer called people who were morbidly obese..
"Big fat pieces of crap."


He really said that..
He said "How do you shove food in  your face until you are a big , fat, piece of crap."
Then here is the kicker.
He said...
I am not a thin guy..but I am not over 300 pounds.

I thought "Well, la-de-da!"
Congratulations, you're merely overweight...that somehow makes you superior?

Do you think anyone would have said that about a person who was a drug addict..

How do you keep shooting up till you are a withered piece of crap.
Of course they don't ask that.
They know it's an addiction.
So is food for some people.
I think it's easy for people who have never truly had a weight problem to judge others with one.
Just like anything.
So I say to skinny people who don't understand how someone gets that big..
They get that big because they used food as a drug.
And beyond that it's really none of your business.
No wonder it's so hard for Obese people to start a weight loss program.
I look back now...and it seems daunting still!
Telling people what "worthless bags of crap" they are is not a motivator...
Stop being such judgemental pr*cks.
Maybe help...or if you can't...shut up.
Until then.
Anyone trying to lose weight.
Tune out the incredibly dimwitted people  around you...
or ditch them period.
It doesn't matter what they think.
It matters what you think.
I think tomorrow will be a good day...
over to vee arnis class and an hour of cardio..
1500 calories...etc.

OH...and if you look to my blog roll...one of my senseis has a blog...midgets don't mug people..he is just starting and could probably use some support..PLUS he is giving great safety tips for FREE...SO go check him out and follow...you will get information free that I pay dearly for...wait....hmmmm....
Chris out.


Robin said...

Glad you're feeling better. Following the new blog. I see he is posting safety tips. Goodness knows we could all use some of that...

As for the content of this blog. People are just stupid and talk out of their ass half the time. I have gotten to the point that I can't stand to listen to half the population speak.

downsizers said...

I have always been maddened by people who take cheap shots like this. Small pleasures for small minds I say. It's easy to sit behind a microphone and spew hate. You are so right about the obese ignoring these insensitive people. But that's the toughest part when we have so far to go - getting over letting others' opinions of us be our opinions of us. Reaching down inside to find the person that's worth it is a task we have all had to complete and it's so worth it. Your blog is an encouragement to so many who feel beaten down and don't have the spunk that you do. I think blogs like yours provide more encouragement than you will ever know because many of these people read it but are too discouraged to even leave a comment and suffer silently. Let's all just be supportive and encouraging without enabling and we will make a dent in the obesity problem. Be careful out there today.

Susy said...

Hey Chris! Long time no see! I've quit both of my jobs and now have a little more time to be online! I DESPERATELY NEED the accoutability! You know, for me it has ALWAYS been difficult to not care about what people think. I've ALWAYS had EXTREMELY low self-esteem, but what happened to me recently took the cake! I separated from my husband about 6 months ago and started dating this seemingly wonderful guy like 2 months ago. Last week it got "intimate" and he had a little trouble performing. We tried 3 times over the weekend, started out great but then things would go south :( Since then we've seen each other every night for dinner and things seemed fine until things would start to head in that direction. Then he would make the excuse that he's tired or what ever. Two days ago I finally asked, Is it because of how I look naked? He answered, sometimes... I was DEVASTATED! I had to let him go. :(

Unknown said...

and she said it best with SMALL PLEASURES FOR SMALL MINDS.


AlmostGastricBypass said...

I'm Fat and I am.. I am just fat, but who cares what folks say.. Words...

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Amen to this post! Couldn't have said it better!!! Thanks!

Putz said...

what kind of payment{FAVORS} did YOU EXTRACT FROM THIS GUY????