Begin your Vision Quest

I am creating a vision board for 2013.  I will post it in three days, if blogger lets me..if not I will try to post a pic to facebook and leave a link for the general public...or it could go on pinterest.

My vision for this year is two fold.
lose the rest of my weight and lose some debt.

I used to think losing my weight meant I wanted to look like this...

Not anymore...

Now I know that I want it to look like this. ^

I used to think I had no other purpose but to make other people's dreams come true..
At 35 I thought it was too late.
Now I know better.
I am making my dreams happen.
I earned my first belt in vee arnis jitsu.
I am a senior white belt.
Next up is yellow belt.
In four years..I hope to be teaching.
Teaching other women to defend themselves.
To help THEM get  a vision of what they want their lives to be.
It started with me sitting down in 2009 with one simple vision.
That was to lose weight...
by eating 1800 calories..and by walking every day.
All you have to do is start.
When you begin doing the right thing FOR YOU.
When you begin to respect yourself and the life you were given.
Each step leads to the next step.
Knowing you could do the first step gives you confidence to move on.
So pick the one thing you need to do and begin..
and you will be amazed at how quickly the rest begins to fall into place.
In one year, your life will be completely different..
But don't worry about that now.
be S.M.A.R.T.
Time bound.

So, don't pick 'I want my whole life to be different'.
Pick something about your life.
Toxic people that need be dumped.
You want to lose some weight.
You want a different job.

Which people
How much weight
What kind of job

At the end of your time table you should be able to answer with alacrity...
Is the person gone?
How much weight did you lose?
Do you have a new job?

You're the toxic person (In that case work on your personality)...or that toxic person is someone who depends on you..(but for the most part...you can ditch toxic people..even a spouse, it isn't pleasant but it's doable.)
50 lbs in a year is achievable...200 isn't.
you are 5 foot tall, 50 years  old and you want to play in the nba.

You won't be achieving world peace any time soon..
make it relevant to your life.

Don't say "Well...I'd like to lose weight...someday."  It's a recipe for a never ending dance.
Since it's January 2nd, 2013...
Make it one year..with mini goals every month, or three months etc.

So...move toxic people out...
gain some different friends..
send a letter by such and thus a date.
go and join some social clubs or activities you enjoy.
meet new friends

Weight loss:
lose 4 pounds a month...with a total weight loss of 48 lbs in a year.  (I know....that's alot!)
set a calorie cap..
set an exercise goal.
write a food list..
Then do it.
Begin now, it's completely possible.

For a new job...get training...
set a goal to sign up for classes by march.
write your resume.
put out feelers and make contacts in the industry you are interested in..
Write your steps out..
and then do one thing each day to move forward.

I am marking off each day of this year...when I hit 135 that is when I am finished with weight loss.
I am also working on being very strong and flexible.
I want to be able to bench 100 pounds 10 consecutive times by the end of the year..(right now I can bench 60 pounds)
I want to be able to do 50 push ups. ( right now I can do 18)
5 minutes of jumping jacks. (Right now I can do 2.5 minutes)
I want to avoid injury...and continue to learn my craft.
I am attending my vee arnis jitsu classes three times a week with one hour of cardio after.
The other three I work out with my friend Brooke and do 30 minutes of cardio.
I have a list of no go foods...
These foods lead to binges, so I don't eat them.
white flour
white sugar

Keeping my goals front and center keeps me from forgetting what I am aiming for.
Put reminders everywhere and keep your mind focused on what it is you WANT.
Set yourself up for victory.
Don't run away, run to..
and remember that each day you can  be moving closer to your goals..
or further away.
clear your surroundings of pitfalls.
and find people with a similar mindset.
Talk to you tomorrow.
Chris out.


Roxie said...

Christine, your deliberate determination is always inspirational. Congratulations on your belt - if you mentioned it earlier, I missed it.

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

All great points. Especially about toxic people, they can be toxic to your lifestyle.

Gigi said...

How did you become so smart at such a young age? The toxic people part never occurred to me until my 40's and what a difference it made. Your post also inspired me to hide that last bag of Christmas candy in a cupboard where it I can't see it, I won't want it. Great post.

Quiltingranny said...

I have been working on debt reduction for many years and just recently began to see the light!
Just love your posts and perhaps this year will be mine to lose the excess weight...so far I am off to a good start!

Robin said...

I need to get more specific with my ideas. I also need to get more specific about when I want to have things done. I love the part about laying out your plan on the calendar. Since we are just starting the year, NOW is the perfect time. I suppose you could it month by month if you aren't really sure where your road is going. Just START. Then REFINE.

Putz said...

i want all the women who diet to end up looking like these girls<><>how else can i give you a hard time Christine???

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

AMEN to the dumping of toxic people! I swear the weight practically flies off when manage to do this... it really is amazing!
Loving your suggestions for making goals real. I find that putting it out there and talking to others about what I plan to do makes it so much easier to actually attain. It keeps me accountable and makes my goals real- not just an idea.