One of the greatest horses who ever lived.

He belonged to Alexander the great, if a horse can ever truly belong to somebody.

No one could tame him...
He was Beautiful.
Black coated with Blue eyes and a white star on his forehead.
Strong and with a noble lineage.
But so untamed that he couldn't be sold.
He had made himself of no value.
But Alexander was willing to try..and if he could tame him, he could have him for free.
Because no one thought the horse could be tamed...they were willing to give a horse of infinite value away for free..
But that's a different story for another day.

So Alexander tried.
and he finally figured out what others couldn't..
That to tame him
You had to turn him into the sun.
Because Bucephalus was afraid of his own shadow.
Once Alexander did...he had no problems taming him.
Together they conquered large swaths of land...
And Alexander and Bucephalus are legend.

I spent years afraid of my own shadow.
It was a long shadow.
It held all the memories of my past failures.
The weight of other's expectations.
And quite frankly...a fear of my own success.
Because deep down I knew what I was capable of...
God made me for a purpose.
Not to sit and wither.
But whenever I went to saddle up..
I would bolt the reigns.

 Afraid of what would happen to me should I apply the harness of discipline and allow myself to set a course.

Then one day I turned my face to the sun.
And with my shadow behind me.
I went forward.
Turn your face to the sun..
The shadow will be what's left behind.
Chris out.


Robin said...

Very inspiring. Just what I needed.

Hanlie said...

That's beautiful! Reminds me of what Dr Wayne Dyer always says - the wake doesn't propel the boat.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Nice. Love the poetic rhythm to this post. Beautiful message as well. It's the ones that seem to have no direction that are the strongest and best once they find their way.

Sheryl C. said...

Love this!