Sh*t people say....you won't believe this.

Okay...You know how I am always rattling on about mindset right..
I was reading a magazine and came across this letter.

I would have been too embarrassed to send this kind of letter...but this lady probably doesn't even realize how ...okay, I am just going to say it..
How stupid she sounds.

In a nutshell, this sums up why she will never get anywhere with health or weight loss.
Her mind is skewed..
I will type out the letter....with commentary..
and you guys can tell me if you've met anyone with a similar mindset..
cause I have.

I am not going to put which mag I found this in...or the ladies name..
but it's  a women's health magazine.
nuff said:

Here is the letter:
I want my money back, ________(name of mag).  I subscribed last year, hoping that your magazine would help me become skinny-the doctor says I am about 50 lbs. overweight. But now that I'm receiving a steady supply of magazines, I know it's not for me. In fact, I'm embarrassed to keep your magazine out on the coffee table. The women are dressed too skimpily, and their shape is too hard and muscular. I don't want to look like that. I tried one of the workouts once and I swear I could feel my arms getting bigger. No thanks!

at first I thought this was a joke letter..
but then I realized that I have actually met women who think this way...in fact at one point I thought this way to some extent.  Mostly the 'too hard and muscular' thing...
so let me go through this letter and point out what should be obvious to anyone who has had any kind of weight loss success.

number 1: she subscribed hoping the magazine would make her skinny...
magazines don't make you skinny...they give you ideas..just like a gym membership doesn't get you fit unless you use it..and food doesn't make you fat unless you eat too much and the wrong kind.

my favorite bit there was the steady supply line. I actually laughed...as if when the as the quantity picked up, her weight should go down faster.

She is embarrassed by women in bra tops and shorts...
This is too stupid to quantify.
I see less on prime time tv.
I think what she is embarrassed by, is the simple presence of people who aren't expecting a magazine to make them skinny.

Too hard and muscular.
I have been 100 pounds overweight.
I would rather have biceps that are big because there is muscle, than 5 pounds of fat hanging off the bottom of my arm, waving hi in a stiff wind.

and last, but certainly not least...one workout wasn't making anything bigger...unless she went to mcdonalds after and got a big mac...then that was her butt...not her bicep.
What would possess her to type such drivel is beyond me..

But I hear it every day...
it's as bad as women who don't eat because all they want is to be skinny.
Your health cannot be purchased.
It must be earned.
I wish I could get back those 15 years of obesity.
My muscles move me...and keep my skeletal structure in place.
my food propels me...it doesn't make me sick.

This whole letter screams excuses...she doesn't even own it...she says the doctor thinks she is overweight.
Reminds me of me when I was overweight...I would minimize the effect on my health...
We need to change how women see fitness...
Being strong, and assertive and able is nothing to be ashamed of.

That's all for today.
Chris out.


Robin said...

I think you nailed every aspect of this letter. However, the most important one was you calling her out on not owning her fat. "My doctor says I need to lose 50 pounds." As you so neatly pointed out, this woman can't even agree with her doctor in that she needs to lose the weight. I also would imagine that her doctor did NOT suggest that she subscribe to women's magazines in order to "lose the weight." He probably had all kinds of suggestions, though, that she did NOT follow.

Ironically, I have been down the "I need to get more fit road" several times before my migraines knocked me down and beat my a@@. I usually preferred aerobics classes. Sometimes I would sign up for yoga (I really liked that). I even did try weight training for a while, but I really didn't care for it. If I had to hang out in the gym area I preferred the elliptical machine or riding the bike or even the stair stepper. However, none of those things did much for my upper body strength.

And I even can recall feeling okay about that because I didn't want to look like a body builder... hahaha. I can see the fly in the ointment thinking with that now. It would have taken a whole lot of weight for ME to look like a body builder! My CORE could have used some work. Although I do think that even the basic yoga that I am able to crank out now does help with it all. So, it isn't a totally lost cause...

Yeah.... Priorities.

Sean Anderson said...

Loved your dissection. Spot. ON.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Sometimes I am simply amazed at what some people will actually put in writing. It is scary, frankly.
Yes, we've all had excuses and some pretty lame ones. This woman has all of the worst, wrapped up in one letter. Good Lord!

Hanlie said...

This made me laugh. I would love to be strong and muscular!