Don't pretend you aren't sick when you are sick...

That was me.
I have been spending the last 9 days pretending this was a cold when it was apparently worse than a cold.
It nearly went into my lungs (not to mention just plain kicking my ass and not letting go)
So  I admitted defeat today and spent today in bed.
I will probably spend tomorrow in bed as well.
Better my bed than a hospital bed.
Word to the wise and  unwise..
If you are sick, let yourself be sick.
Don't 'push through it'.
Or you prolong it..

I am an idiot.
Chris out.


bbubblyb said...

Christine, learned that myself last week when I tried to go to work mid week. Anyway, sure hope you get to feeling better.

Retta said...

Good choice. I hope you get plenty of peaceful rest, so your body can do the "repairs" needed. Feel better soon (but take as long as needed to do it)!

Unknown said...

feel better.


JJ said...

Christine: I am your newest follower. I found you on Jasmine's site, where I am a long-time follower. Please join me on my political blog at http://politicsforaverageamericans.blogspot.com/, where we treat one another with respect.

Robin said...

Hey sickie, hope you feel better. I was wondering why you hadn't commented on your dedication on your HERE'S TO YOU dedication. I was thinking you didn't like it. Well, maybe you didn't.... But I am hoping now that you just didn't see it;) I am such an optimist!

Putz said...

the adviice of a snake charmer love you the putz<>i am sick also

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Don't feel too bad. We've all done this at some point, I think.
It's amazing how quickly we can recover from illness if we just give ourselves the chance. Take care of yourself!