worthy of love....even before you are perfect

I have had a realization...it only happened recently.
I has a lot to do with my last post.
I have invited into my life, people who are never happy with the status quo.
And that is great.
I like people who are always pushing for their own betterment.
But you know what.
It's okay to like yourself right now.
I know someone who is never happy with themselves..
and they have set their standard for life, for happiness..so high..
That there is no way to meet it.
And they have not only placed this expectation on themselves..
but on me, and on others.
And when I was younger..
I felt like I 'needed' to be pushed..
because deep down inside of me..
was a deep sense of inferiority.
I felt flawed in fundamental ways.
But a few months ago..
I began to resent the nitpicking..
the constant criticism.
And I realized...
that sometimes, when things weren't done..
or weren't okay..
that it was because I was exhausted.
And I am allowed to be exhausted.
I am allowed to be tired.
and sometimes I am allowed to be less than 100 percent.
I don't need to be told what to do all the time.
I know what to do..
if it isn't getting done...that is because I am at the end of my rope.
And sometimes you have to let things go for abit..
because there is just too much on your plate.
And learning to look a person in the face and say..
I don't need your criticism, I need your friendship and support..
and feeling that I deserve it.
Because I have been a good friend...and I have cut the other person slack...
is a huge step in owning myself and the rights to me, my mind, my space and my life.
I don't have to earn someone's love via spectacular performance.
They either love me or they don't.
They are either my friend or they aren't.
If I am a good, kind and loving support to them..
I should expect the same in return.
I am worthy of love...
I will never be perfect.
As Jesus said "I desire mercy, not sacrifice'...
so should your friends.
you of them
them of you.
Chris out.


Anonymous said...

Digging deep and pulling the happy real you from the miserable shell is the best step you could of ever taken. I can see your mindset changing and you are starting to believe in yourself again. Amazing compared to older posts I have read.

Jen xx

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Wow. I don't know what to say. This post was therapy for my soul. I believe God literally intervened so I could read this. Thank you for commenting on my blog so I could find this post. I needed it today. I want to print it out and put it on my fridge. It was so well written and so poignant. It spoke straight to my heart. Thank you again for writing this.

Roxie said...

It ALL comes down to how we feel about ourselves. Get that right and the rest will usually follow. Great post, Chris.

Robin said...

This is an excellent reminder that we need to listen better. A person will always tell you what they need if we listen well enough. Maybe it is a kick in the pants to get motivated. BUT maybe it is just support to get through the next hour, next day, next hardship. So often we are good talkers, great encouragers, even skilled motivators. It is unfortunate that we don't LISTEN with a more highly tuned ear to ferret out what our loved ones need. And, yes, it is OKAY to NEED this time. Great post!

Gigi said...

Your posts always hit the mark with me: no nonsense and straight from the heart. Keep it coming, please!

Mind Of Mine said...

I am a new reader and what a great post to be my first. Happiness is one of those great lifes mystery.

It can mean so much and so little to each of us. It can be very simple of painfully complicated.

When you have it, it can seem so temporary and fragile. Where as unhappiness seems so solid.

Anonymous said...

A heart felt post hun. Be strong. x