If everything and everyone is wrong...the problem might be you.

Hello all,
have you ever known a person who was never happy?
oh, they might get temporary relief from the doldrums of life by having a new experience, or by buying something..or getting exactly what they want...
but it only lasts a short time.
they are the same pissy pants whiny baby they've been up til that point?
If that's the case...then the problem might not be everyone around them..

I am turning my filter off for one night to get this shit off my chest.
If you bitch every.single.f'ing.time someone tries to do something for you...because it isn't exactly what you want....
it might be you.
If the place you live is boring...
it might be you.
If your friends don't give you enough feedback, or you don't have A FRIEND because you think you are too smart, savvy, busy or good to befriend all the little people..
it might be YOU that is the asshole.

IF you bitch about your job being boring and not stimulating..and that all the people there are stupid..
but then turn down chances for advancement because you aren't going to have a target on your  back..
shut up.
it's you.

If you bitch about politics..but don't vote..
its you.

if the food is too salty, your clothes too scratchy...your sheets not nicely pressed...your life is
in every way


So f*cking fix it.
and stop taking your self pitying, moaning, victim identity out on the people WHO ARE HAPPY!
 It isn't our fault the world isn't what you wish it would be.
So stuff it!

And pull your head out of your ass.
And get happy..
I will not be listening to this shit anymore...
it will hit the buzzsaw of my indifference and will fly back into the face of YOUR incontinent stupidity.
this is family..no bloggy type people..But, if you see yourself in these words...and there is someone you are making miserable.... quit.
But I swear to God.
I am done.
Chris out.


Gigi said...

When did you meet my sister? Kidding. Yes, we're all responsible for our own happiness and wish those who don't get that would just get the hell out of our way.

Quiltingranny said...

I have 2 poems from years back just like this (I didn't pen them) 1 is: It isn't the town it's you and the other is: It isn't the church it is you!

Robin said...

I know some of these people. Thank you for summing this up so succinctly.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Gigi stole my thunder. But seriously, you wrote this on my sister's birthday- the one who currently sits in court ordered drug rehab and bitches about how she has no clothes to fit her fat ass 'cuz we all know THAT is her biggest problem in life- so I'm just gonna' take this as a life message from the universe and forward it on to my sister via my mind. Yeah, 'cuz I roll like that and Christine you so rock! Your super power is perfect timing, I swear. :)

Anonymous said...

What the hell is all this about lol. Love it really x


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. This is me. I bet my family says the same stuff about me. Thanks for the eye-opner!

Mind Of Mine said...

Amen sister.

As I read this, I was a little worried I would see a scenario or a characteristic that would apply to myself.

I am glad I didn't. Despite the fact I am a self confessed fucked up mess, I am an eternal optimist.

Anonymous said...

A real eye opener at that. It is funny when you know this is what happens to you. x


MrsFatass said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading this morning. I'm glad I saw this! I have had a hard time letting someone in my life go - mostly out of habit - but this post describes him so beautifully. You're always good for a much needed kick in the pants, Chris!