Today....learning to defend against mugging...

That was class today.
It was very fun...I learned a wrist lock..arm break and an osoto gari..which is just A turn and a leg reap to the rear.
I really enjoy classes.
I am constantly made aware of many women in bad relationships.
Maybe they were always there..
maybe not...
but I  believe it's possible to be mugged in your own home.
by your significant other.
mugged of your peace of mind..
the right to a peaceful life, of a sense of well being..
of being loved by a good and a decent person.
We can be mugged psychologically..
or physically.
When  being mugged..
we can either stand there and allow it to happen.
we can fight back.
And I am here to tell you...
that no one has the right to lay a hand on you without your permission.
Just let that thought settle into your psyche.
No one has the right to belittle you..
tear you down.
make you feel less than.
Only you have the power to stop it.
but for right now..
I want you to feel the power of those words.
The first time I heard that...I snorted.
Because I have had plenty of people put their hands on me..
their mouths on me..
their ideas on me.
But accepting that simple premise..and it took some time.
Made me the owner of my own body.
Just a thought..
I will talk some more about this later.
just think about it.
see if, deep down, you really believe that.
Chris out.


Robin said...

That was powerful, Chris. I am not sure that I believed that for a LONG time. It took several people putting their hands on me. Their ideas on me. Superimposing their will over mine in order for me to decide that I had value. Why was what they wanted more important than what I wanted for myself? It took a very long time for me to even challenge that idea. Once I did, I couldn't go back. Their wants were not more important than my needs. They did not have a right to impose their will over mine. I was not going to lie down and just take it any longer.

Once you make these sorts of choices, you feel yourself getting stronger. You don't question yourself each time the case arises, because you know the answer. I have been here and evaluated this already.

However, it does all start with this first IDEA. Once you decide that is your TRUTH, then you move on to the next... and the next. You just keep questioning everything until you know where you stand on ALL OF IT.

Unknown said...

its seems ....you never feel slim like that .. because now you are able to do what you can imagine only in your dreams, Mama will proud of you ....Have a cup of milk daily and keep your skin glow and

Unknown said...

that gave me chills....

Mind Of Mine said...

When you were done with class, were you just willing someone to mug you, so you could go Buffy on their ass?