favorite workout music!

What's yours?
I need to put together some more music and I have some favs...but I was wondering what you all like to listen to...
I listen to alot of hip hop and hard rock when I workout..
I need to hard edged kind of sound to help me push past limits.
For instance..
I have been listening to rihanna and also ac dc..
so...any ideas?
leave them in the comments below!


Roxie said...

While I wouldn't walk across the street to see a concert, Ted Nugent is always on the play list.

Unknown said...


Quiltingranny said...

Gotta have some oldies and old time rock and roll, it gets the old heart pumping and makes me smile!

Robin said...

Have you considered throwing in your favorite 80s tunes?

Christine said...

@Roxie, I don't have any on there...I will look at his stuff tonight. @ Carla...I have thriftshop on my walkman..it makes me smile..I also like I'm on a boat...whichis a parody but still catchy and funny...@quiltinggranny-reminds me ofbob seger...oh...creedance clearwater...why didn't I think of them. and @ Robin..indeed...lol, in desperation last night I typed in 'hard rock of the 80's' and came up with Asia...and the song 'heat of the moment'. good one...still in search of..