finding the time to work out....

There is only one place to steal time from your day...
That is your 'disposable time'.
You may think you don't have any disposable time..
I didn't think I did..
even though I was a stay at home mom..
I homeschooled blah blah blha.
I watched a lot of television.
I read a lot
There's your time.
Pick one...cut into the time you spend surfing the net...watching a show...
or reading.
and exercise.
Exercise is about 20 percent of the equation.
Your food is 80 percent.
If you cap your calories at 1200 and don't exercise..
you'll lose.
If you only have about 20 pounds to lose.
You'll lose slowly.
If you add a 3 mile walk every day...and you are a 140 pound woman who wants to get to 120..
and you eat 1200 calories...
and don't exercise.
you'll lose about 1.5 lbs a month eating 1200 calories a day.
If you walk 3 miles a day every day?
Your calorie deficit will be 500 calories a day...
you go from a 6000 calorie deficit..
to a 15000 calorie deficit
Or a 4.2 lb loss.
You would reach your weight loss goals through diet alone in about 7 months.
with diet and exercise...under 4 months.
step up that exercise and it's 3 or less.
Just something to think about.
Chris out.


Losing The Rolls said...

Great post. I know I have the time to exercise, cook, clean, etc. Now, getting out of the recliner is the problem. For too many years I have allowed myself to take the easy choice and that has resulted in becoming sedentary and morbidly obese. It's way past time to take action. I'm inspired.

Robin said...

It is always about the priorities...

Darcy Winters said...

You are absolutely right. It seems like by the time I get around to the television/Internet stuff...I am too tired to exercise. Need to reorganize some things I think.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

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'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Isn't it interesting how when spending time means spending it on ourselves, we can so easily skip it?
Your math is right on and my husband is learning this lesson right now!

Anonymous said...

LOL I think i need to bring my pig headed husband to your site and let him read the post. LOL many thanks for sharing and making me chuckle.