welcome to the diet portion of my blog

hello people...
I'm baaack...
I am currently sitting on my couch making the sane and logical choice to NOT eat.
It isn't easy.
I did 40 minutes on my elliptical today and then 120 situps..and then arm weights...chest press, bicep curl and flies.
my calories..
lets see what did I eat..
I will write it out here..
1rst meal
one cliff bar. 25o calories
2nd meal
three eggs and a piece of toast 310 calories
3rd meal
a candy bar...milky way caramel
(terrible choice...but now is the time to be honest)
250 calories
4th meal
8 cups of popcorn and 3 tablespoons butter..
* again..won't reiterate...we are going for honesty.
460 calories
5th meal
2 cups homemade kungpao with 1/2 cup rice 500 calories

and two cups coffee..with about a fourth of cup of milk..40 calories

       1810 calories..
better than lately...hell yes.
because I wrote it out and was honest..
and I burned 500 calories today..
so that calorie level and burn is enough to sustain a 13o pound woman...so, for me..
that is a weight loss day.
but that being said. I am head hungry.
I sat next to my darling daughter while we watched once upon a time...and she ate popcorn.
I already had popcorn earlier in the day..
it is my favorite food.
Not eating it..
so now I need to go to bed..and begin again in the morning with the sure knowledge that today doesn't mean tomorrow.
I get to do this all over again tomorrow.
Which is what makes it hard..
but if you do it, day in and day out..you will achieve your goals..
and as we all know..
the days go whether we achieve our goals or not.
So stick to the plan....and let the days go.
That is the easiest part...They go fast.
You can use the way time slips to your advantage.
And when you want to eat..ask yourself before you do...where do you want to be one week from now..
another week older and closer to death without making progress.
or another week older and closer to who you want to be.
Will this choice make me happy in one hour or sad..
how about as you lay in bed.
Will you feel proud of this, or ashamed.
Then choose.
with love,


Robin said...

Head hungry. Not stomach hungry. Would it help to keep your hands busy when you feel this way?

Christine said...

I have tried that....I once infamously took up crocheting...it's like a drug addict. I swear to God. I can spot the problem in my food. I ate a candy bar and popcorn. sugar and starch. It kicks off cravings. I 'head know' this...but my 'bad side' still wants it. push the button rat, push the button....last night at 2 in the morning I ate carrots . LOL. That killed it.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

I love this honesty. There is nothing here that is SO bad and yet it's the little things that keep us from being stellar (as you put it :))
Lately I am concentrating on how I would like to look thinner and healthier over time, rather than the often expected older and frumpier!

Amber said...

Better than me today!
I'm trying to get back into the groove, but have yet to get very far!

Weighing Well said...

Honesty is the best policy but not the easiest! Bravo for you to put it out there. So glad to see you back and posting! Sounds like your life is changing and you are growing in areas not related to weight. It's so cool to watch your journey unfold!