Epiphany!!! I figured out my life's purpose.

For over a year now, I have been bouncing around...trying to figure out what in the hell I want to do.
I wanted to help young girls develope self esteem...that's the beginning of everything.
Then I met many young men who were not given the tools THEY needed to excel.
And I thought...what about them?
Then I thought, you can't help everyone.
 Can you?
Then I thought about the way of the warrior...
How much I believe in life in every breath and living every moment...
And how so many people had simply given up.
Or settled for less...

So, today, as I was marking down items at the store...
And I was talking aloud to myself...
Trying to figure out what it was that I wanted..
I said aloud..
"It is not my job to inquire about your battle..
It is to equip you for the fight."

Out loud.
I didn't even know where it came from....until I thought of the idea of the whole armour of God.
Then I thought of bushidos seven guiding principles.
That is it in a nutshell...
I want to teach people how to fight and win their individual battles!
It doesn't matter what it is!
Because many times..the war we THINK we are fighting is not really the war we are fighting.
It's a battle within the war.
What is important is having the keys to the will to fight.
I have been doing it all my life.
Weight loss was just one fight inside this gigantic struggle.
A small piece of a much larger pie.
But the great thing is...it's all the same fight..
The same steps.
The same mentality!
Now...where do I teach that? 
In self defense class...on a new blog? 
Volunteering with tessa? 
I don't know.
But at least I know what I want to do now.
Chris out.


Natalie said...

I really don't think of life as a war. At all. I feel sad reading your posts, about wanting to learn not to trust people, wanting to teach everyone to fight as if life is a battle and everyone is an enemy, about keeping yourself locked away from everyone else because that is safer.

I hope your life improves so you don't need to feel this way.

Robin said...

I think martial arts training is still a good place to begin. When you teach young people the art of self defense, they become more confident, more secure, more sure of themselves. Those are the keys to balance. When you have balance, you can rely on your drive to push you forward. Of course, a strong sense of self confidence will also help someone with drive.

If you pick any starting place, and begin working within that place, other places will open up to you. So, if you begin by teaching self defense it will likely lead to conversations with other people who feel as you do, causing new ideas to germinate and develop.

Do I think you need a new blog? Nope. This is A Deliberate Life. This is a blog about living. Yes, weight loss is a part of living, but it's not the whole dealio. So, just like you haven't limited your conversation here to the calories, pounds, and exercise, but instead really dug into the nitty gritty of why you weren't losing weight... I think that this blog can easily serve as a segue into your new journey of living deliberately!

Christine said...

@natalie, don't feel sorry for me hon. I'm glad that you don't feel that way..it means you've gone through a life that was privileged enough not to have to fight to maintain your dignity or sanity. I do trust people. People who have earned it. Fighting isn't just physical, it can be mental and spiritual. There are people out there in the world that have to fight to survive daily...they work two jobs to put food on their table. Life for a great many people is a struggle. Nowhere did I say everyone is an enemy..but if you have no opposition in life, it could be because you are floating. That's fine. It's a choice. Some people don't want to float, they are stuck. Stuck in a bad relationship. Stuck in a crap job...and they don't know how to get loose. I do. Those are the people I want to reach. Thank you for your comment.

Christine said...

And locked away was what I used to do. Now I live. I think you need to read further back.

Anonymous said...

Well. This post certainly did generate opinions on what you are to do with your life, didn't it?

First, I don't think that Natalie understands your analogy exactly. Although, you'd thing with an icon like that, she would. Isn't that some kind of warrior elf or something? But I could be wrong...maybe you feel exactly as she stated and I've gotten it wrong.

Second. My thought. (You knew you'd get it, right?) I think you are right--God has called you build up young women so that they have righteous weapons, allowing them to live victorious lives.

I also think that if Satan cannot distract you from your call, he will content himself with guiding you to fulfill that call in a way that does not honor God or give Him glory.

The Bible is full of instruction on how to live victoriously, how to defeat the enemy, how to overcome. It is full of lists of weapons and offensive strategy. Learn that. Use that. Dig out Christian authors on the weapons of our warfare beyond the Armor of God. There's more than that in there. The codes the Samurai follow are also found in scripture.

The thing is, you have a choice. You can reference scripture--God's Word--as you teach or you can reference Bushido. To whom do you want these young women to look to for help in times of trouble? there are codes in Bushido, but the Power of God is missing.

Without that, all you've got is a great moral code--hold that up to a fiery dart and see what happens. They need more.

You can't mingle a stream and end up with a sound , strong result.

Just my thoughts.

You'll figure out the way you should go, God will make sure of it. He never ignores a seeking heart that wants to do His will.


Christine said...

Thank you Deb...I will keep your words in mind. And you know that locking myself away is antithetical to everything I stand for...but I am not going to rehash my whole life's journey in every post. They will either read to get the whole picture or feel the elephants trunk, call it a snake and depart. But I am putting myself out there and am ready to take the hits.

Christine said...

@robin, that's pretty much the conclusion I've come to...thank you...you are a good friend.

kathyj333 said...

I love it!

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

You're awesome.

Maybe not every thing is a fight or battle... but we ALL come to places and periods and experiences that are. The mentality to make it through that isn't something every one has.

Christine said...

True...not everything is a battle, and I should talk about happy things more, now that I am happy..it's just that now I know what I want to do..and that is equip people to fight and over come things so they can be happy too. It's just I have limited time to write and so focus on what I want to say....which is usually in the manner of over coming obstacles. This is all great feedback. Communication is going to be key. Thanks.