Day 2- Everything counts....including you.

And I mean everything.
every bite.
every minute on the elliptical.
Every thought.

That is how you lose weight.
You elevate the relative importance of seemingly insignificant things.
Do I take a walk?
Do I eat that cookie?
Do I tell myself it's hopeless...

In order..

I haven't believed this weight loss thing is hopeless for quite a while.
But once upon a time I did believe that.
I told myself that for years.
I was reading Lisa's blog...
She was talking about the voice in your head that tells you things.

And folks...
What if it were as simple as reprogramming the things you tell yourself?
What was the difference between may 3rd, 2009 and may 4th, 2009?
Was there some sort of cosmic alignment?
Was I hit by a gamma ray...
bitten by a spider?


I looked up, realized I was fat and thought.
"I am too good for this."
I am too smart, too something, to live like this.
And so are you.
You matter.
Today matters.
What you put in your mouth in the next hour, day, week and year...
it matters.
Your dreams matter.
Your thoughts matter.
You matter.
And the sooner you tell that to the voice in your head telling you that you CAN'T...Or you that you shouldn't because it's selfish, or you will fail or it won't matter in the long run...
The better.
Today 1596 calories consumed...
50 minutes on the elliptical and a one mile walk along with upper body weights and situps for a 630 calorie burn.
Have a great night guys.
Chris out.


downsizers said...

Thanks for the encouragement. We do tend to forget why we are doing this and why it matters. A healthy, happy life really matters and we can have it because we care about what we make of our lives.

Deb Willbefree said...

Too funny, Chris. Thanks.

I have calories left for today, and a legal snack uneaten, but I'm not hungry.

The problem? As we speak my husband has just finished frying Spam and the aroma is wafting up the steps and under my nose. I want Spam!

I'm having an argument in my head telling me why a little bit won't matter...I have calories left...yadayadayada.

So--seriously timely Post. :D God is good. And it all matters.


Kelliann said...

What a wonderful post. Every minute DOES count. And it's ALL worth it. Thanks for this!

Putz said...

have you heard of theis new english diet<><><>the purpose is to get the pancreas going for us diabetics,.<>you litterally starve your body<><>appx 600 calories a day until everything is eaten away in your body and then your pancreas finally gets producing insulin and you go on living{if that is what you want to call it}

Robin said...

You know how we talk about this thing and all things being a brain game? There is something called The Law of Attraction that says that you get what you think about: no exceptions. The frustrating thing is that every thought is two thoughts: the getting and the not having it. It is which thought you are able to focus on that determines which one you bring into your life. If we are talking weight loss, if you want to be less fat, but focus on how heavy you are, you will stay heavy. You will self sabotage yourself. However, if you put your focus entirely on what you want to look like and keep it there, you will lose weight. You will do things to make that happen. Do you remember that size 4 dress you bought at the thrift shop? That is someone who bought something tangible to focus on and then you kept your thoughts on losing weight. The idea of quitting was not an option. You were in harmony, if you will, with losing weight. When that happens, there is no way you can't lose weight. And so it is for everyone who has a dream, big or small.

SO FAT 4 NOW said...

Not hiding from Stalkers at all. Name of blog caused way too many hits on Search engines. No need for the publicity, just me trying to be not so fat... You look great by the way !! Thanks again for just writing...

Rettakat said...

"And I mean everything.
every bite.
every minute on the elliptical.
Every thought."

Sometimes I think we discount a thing because it "sounds" too simple. Yet when it clicks in our head... it releases such power! Every thought... that's the one I am most working on, even now. Every thought.

Very powerful post!

Kimberley said...

Excellent post. I definitely need the reminder! Thank you.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

It's nice to head on back to the basics once in a while. Just knowing the importance of every little thing and truly appreciating that can really change things.
Me: I'm focused on Texas AND appreciating where I'm at or could be on my way to getting there. It seems weird that things are seeming to come to another point just as I am getting better at not being so desperate.

Hanlie said...

Yes, it's a thousand small decisions per day that either moves us closer to, or further away from, our dreams.