Sometimes it hurts...

I did the gym 3 times last week....
Today I was at the gym again...Day two of five planned for this week.
I have been pushing like I used to..
I remember this...
It's not really pain, but it is hard.
You don't want to finish.
Luckily I seem to have entered that nirvana type phase I had when I began this whole journey when food just didn't matter.
Results do.
I have to say, You go through ups and downs regarding food.
At least I do.
Sometimes I can simply leave it..
Other times it feels nearly impossible.
I entered a one year period starting last year where I seemed to be hungry all the time.
It was quite a struggle.
I can't explain it any other way.
But now that I seem to have emerged out the other side....having held my ground and ready to continue..
I can tell you how happy I am that I did not regain all my weight.
Sometimes it hurts and is hard.
But it is worth it.
Sometimes it feels endless and unnatural...
But if you can keep going it is worth it.
I realize that many of you are on the other side of that wall.
On the side your on...all you can see is endless obstacles...and pain, and work without reward.
maybe you are still fat...you work daily, and you are losing, but have not gotten over the hump where it feels more natural.
Maybe you are still recieving comments or negative feedback.
And you have come to a decision point...continue to your goal or slide back into what you know, what is comfortable.
The problem is, you have never experienced the other side of that wall...
So you don't really know what it is you are shooting for.
So you wonder if it is worth it...
Some of you have climbed over, realized weight loss didn't solve all your problems, and maybe have climbed back over and NOW realize why you climbed the wall in the first place..
It wasn't that weight loss made your life magically different.
It simply made living it a whole lot easier.
Easier to breathe and to be, you had more energy, you were the person you imagined.
And now you are facing the daunting wall climb again and wonder if you can.
You can.
It is worth the struggle and the pain.
It is scary not knowing.
But trust me.
The other side of that wall is better.
Workout today...
3 mile walk
15 minutes precor
110 situps
lower body weights.
500 calories burned.
Have a great night guys.
Chris out.


Deb Willbefree said...

Oh, Chris, I loved this post. Especially the last third of it. I wasn't expecting you to go where you did.

This is a generous and encouraging post. Thank you.

You go, girl!


Joy said...

It's an amazing journey for sure. I've been on the mountain top, slid down a ways, hit a tree and fought my way back up many times. I have endured....The amazing thing is...This time, I've not given up. Because the journey is worth it. I'm worth it. Keep fighting everyone. We can do this!!

Chris you are amazing and inspiring!!!

Stay focused!

Michelle said...

Thank you for taking the time to write this. Such honest words which for me are well timed. I am looking forward to being on the other side of the wall. I have never been where I want to be in my whole adult life. Reading this helps me feel that bit more sure about getting there.

Lisa said...

GREAT post

Kekedo said...

Well written, Chris. Maybe you could write more about what's on the other side of the wall for those of us who are working on climbing it? I love your posts!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

So nice that you are still motivated to share your thoughts and feelings even at a level of maintenance (and now planning to lose more). I am sure that the sharing of your thoughts really is making a big difference for so many. It certainly has for me! And you definitely have a gift for how to share this particular message. Yet again, thanks for this and I wish you well in this portion of the journey.

Cara said...

This post is just exactly what I needed to read right now :)

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

I so much love looking at your progress photos, Chris!

Reva said...

It's always good to remember where we came from so we won't go there again. It's also even better to reach back and help other's up and over that hill you talk about. Climbing any mountain is easier with a boost and a pull now and then. :)

Annalisa201 said...

Yay Chris! FANTASTIC post. You certainly are such a wise woman. Hugs!!!

Beginning Anew said...

Sweetie, can I borrow your brain for about 6 months?

Putz said...

do you know when that period of time comes when you just have to eat<><>,.well that is starvation hunger and you had better eat for life's sake<><>,.i know you know what you are doing but when you tqalke the way you do and i am hungry, nothing you say rings true<><><>i still lov ya honey

Christine said...

oh mr. putz. I eat at least 1500 calories a day...and as far as I know, nobody has ever keeled over and died eating 1500 calories a day. lol. No starvation here.

E. Jane said...

So wise, Chris. Stay on the other side of the wall. Don't ever climb back, because the next time will be more difficult. Take it from one who knows.