facing the scale...weight and measurements...

Hey all,
Hows it going?
As you all may now realize...I haven't weighed myself since, oh...about January. lol.
I knew my pants were a bit tight...but I felt pretty good.
Well, I still feel okay...but the weight was a bit of a surprise..
Which it shouldn't be considering I have been a bit fast and loose with the calories.
But kept exercising but would have on program days and off program days.
Those off  program days add up.
I weigh 158.
That's up from 146. something or other.
I would say ouch...but sister...I 've been worse.
Weighing in is an excellent way to right your ship of illusion. lol.
I also took my measurements.
Boobs: 38 inches
waist: 32 inches
hips: 40 inches
Thighs: 23.5 inches (and the bane of my existence
calves: 15 inches.
So there it is...Now to have someone take a pic and post it.
At least I have loads of room for improvement.
On the upside I had a fabulous hair day and I love the gel eyeliner I have purchased.
I worked out in my bruce springsteen t shirt and ate my allotted calories..
So Day 2 of my hottification went incredibly well.
Beauty tip of the day:
When applying eyeliner...go UP at the end of the eye or you will end up looking old and sad.
That was a direct quote from the young lady applying her eyeliner. lol. 
also...sparkly eyeshadow pulls out hidden wrinkles...(good for those of us over 35 to keep in mind?.
hottification completely underway.
Day 2 complete.
next weigh in and measurement
Next Tuesday...It's as good a day  as any.


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

It all sounds good. Like the make-up advice. And knowing that we come in strikingly similar packages, but your waist is smaller and your boobs are bigger. The boobs, yeah, dang, that's the only thing I miss from my FFG days. :)

downsizers said...

I bought some gel eyeliner today and am anxious to try it. Your little break from weighing really didn't do that much damage. Certainly not the amount of damage we were formerly capable of doing in that amount of time. You will be as hot as you want to be soon!

Anonymous said...

Onward and upward (or should I say downward ;) )