What I didn't eat today....

Hey all,
A lot of times, it isn't about what you eat...it's about what you don't eat.
actually, with food addicts..the number of time food crosses your mind would be about the same as the number of times sex crosses the mind of your average 17 year old male...about 20 times a minute.
Especially when you are in weight loss mode, have just finished your workout and are at the grocery store to pick up two or three items you are out of....and
you walk by your latest fixation.
caramel covered in chocolate.
And you know you have the 250 calories you could invest..
but you also know that sugar is a huge trigger for you....
as is caffeine..
and chocolate has both.
So, you pass it up....
And then you think about the tostadas you will be eating for dinner...
with brown rice and lean ground beef and some cheese.
the 2 percent kind.
But for a moment your mind flits to a big chunk of medium cheddar...and you think..
man...a couple of hunks of that and some french bread...
oh yeah!
Then...oh no! because with that combo..there is no way in heck you are only ingesting 600 calories..
more like a thousand by the time you are through (if you include the butter and the grapes....and the huge amount of bread I can ingest when I am hungry)
bread is another trigger..as is cheese.
So I skip the hunk..get the 2 percent shredded and on the way out, pick up one individually wrapped brach's orange slice which I savor on my way to the car.
So today...I have kept my calories under 1600...(as I did yesterday)
because of what I didn't eat.
I have also burned 650 calories and 400 calories on respective days.
It's two days...
of good on program eating and good on program exercise.
but tomorrow, today doesn't count.
And only tomorrow will matter.
What I do or don' t do tomorrow.....They all add up.
It takes two days to make 5 and 5 to make 30 and 30 to make 100.
Day in and day out.
But don't think about that..
Just do today.
Chris out. 


Morgan said...

Very good. Sugar is a trigger for me too, and I spent a lot of time today not having it. And also trying not to replace it with something else. And if I am able to stop thinking about tomorrow and the next day and the next, I just might get through this one.

E. Jane said...

You described what it's like so well. If I have extra calories, I do better if I don't invest it in sugar or chocolate either. It usually leads to more of the same.

This (weight loss/weight maintenance) is a never ending process. Those of us who work on dealing with our food addiction every day have to be hard working, vigilant, smart, and strong. I'm not kidding. Of course, other people are dealing with worse handicaps and illness, but most people tend to sell obesity and compulsive overeating short. It's not a picnic, and there is no cure--only stabilization through great effort. You have done amazingly well.

Anonymous said...

You described one of my shopping trips. If I decide to indulge, I do better with just a sugar treat....like a piece of chocolate. It's one and done. If I chose anything with flour like a cookie or cupcake, I'll be in binge mode.

One day a time.

paulawannacracker said...


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

It's funny how we become critical food thinkers like that! But it sure beats the days of no thought to what we were eating and then piling on the pounds and addictions! Good job avoiding that stuff! You are an inspiration girl!


bbubblyb said...

I've come to find when I don't allow myself the crap I so much more enjoy the foods I do choose :) It is just about today though you're right :)