Hottification..day whatever...gettin rid of wrinkles...lol

So, it's monday and I thought I would post.
I have been working out 6 days a week and eating well (except for saturday where I had one too many homemade tortilla chips and salsa bowls. lol)
I noticed the other day that I have lines around my eyes and forehead...
well, I noticed these before...but one is starting to look like  it's carved across my forehead.
So, as you can imagine...I have been paying attention in stores.
I have no wish to shoot botulism into my face, so I thought I would try less extreme measures to 'ease' the look of wrinkles...
So I am trying this:

So, My first go was last night.
I am not supposed to see any difference for a month or so..
When and if I do...Or don't as the case may be...I'll let you know.
No B.S.

I have also decided to cut 'real' chocolate out of my diet for the next month. I have been eating way too much, even if I do keep it within my calorie count. It's better to eat something that will be nurturing to my body.
I burned 700 calories on my workout today.
elliptical and situps and upper body weights.
I really am all in at the gym.
And I am all in on my rest day.
No short walk...nothing.
Just rest.
Well...that's all for now.
Have a great night guys.
Talk to you later.


'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

I'll be interested to see what you have to say about the product.
Sounds like you're burning it up at the gym. It's funny how I tend to be all about the eating healthy or all about the exercise. If only I could get both going. I might kind of resemble my much younger self. LOL. If you're able to stop with the chocolate for real, let me know how. Again, LOL.

Hanlie said...

Ah, the wrinkles! I've decided to combat them with water and fruit. We'll see how that goes...