On the occasion of my 39th birthday.

Hello all,
Here I am..today was my birthday..
I am 39.
I have three goals for my 39th year.
The first is to get to my healthy weight..
which according to bmi charts is 141 lbs.
Anything beyond this, I have discovered..I don't really give a rip about. LOL
I just want to be strong and healthy...

number 2
I aim to say and act the way I would act if I knew this was my last year of life.
That is..I am going to say the things to others that people say when they are on their death beds.
Why wait?
As I have discovered over the last 39 years.
You think you have all the time in the world.
And then you don't.
This last year..I watched an 8 year old little girl fight cancer for the last time.
Daisy died a while back.
But I was so upset I couldn't even write about it.
That is what happens when I grieve.
I go inside myself.
Knowing yourself is important.
Knowing that each and every one of us is terminal?
also important.
Don't dick around.
While people are here...love them.
What good does a trip to a funeral do?
It's better to visit them before they die..
than show up at the funeral.
It's  better to tell the people you love how much you love them.
Not their casket.

Number 3
Really finding myself artistically.
Not sure what that looks like other than a lot of drawing and painting etc.
Letting go and moving on after I have completed something.
It's important.
I have sold two drawings and I only have 15. lol
I think I need to do quick sketches more.
So it's living authentically and out loud....honoring my body by feeding it properly so it attains it's  healthy weight...exercising to add life to my days and expressing my vision of the world through my art.

So in the spirit of saying exactly what I feel...thank you to the people who stumbled across my blog over the last three and a half years. Thank you to the people who have encouraged me and been there for me.
I suck at being consistant sometimes...but that's me...my writing comes in waves..I don't think this journey would have been as healing as it has been if I hadn't had people to bounce ideas off...if you hadn't handed me snippets of your life to learn from..I am grateful.


Robin said...

You have been a blessing in my life, too. I appreciate you. Just wanted to get that out there since we are living out there on the edge on and all.

MrsFatass said...

I would like to buy one of your drawings. Where can I see them? Do you have them posted somewhere? Shoot me an email when you have a chance.

And happy birthday, hotass.

Unknown said...


E. Jane said...

Happy Birthday to you--Chris!! You have had an amazing journey that is continuing so positively and with such honesty. I hope you had a great day yesterday and always happy to see your posts!

Tammy said...

I just love you girl. You are such a blessing. Wishing you a very happy birthday and I love your goals for the coming year. You're the best. :)

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Hope your birthday was as awesome as you deserve! You know how much of a huge difference you've made in my life- say, about 50 lbs. or so & some major improvement in self esteem and you know how much I think you have to offer the world. So rock on Christine! You are the woman and you've got this!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Happy Birthday Christine.

Retta said...

Late to the party, but Happy Birthday!
I love the gifts you gave yourself for your birthday... the 3 goals. Very meaningful.