Why you should lose the extra weight: Part 1

To live life more fully.

I can't even begin to tell you the difference that eating less and moving more has made in my life.
It has turned me into a new person.
I used to be so concerned with all I wasn't or didn't have..
I used to think spending time on myself was selfish and wrong..
but in reality I was teaching my daughters to disregard their own dreams and their own health.
Your kids learn from you.

And they depend on you...not just for food, clothing and shelter..
but to learn how to be in the world.
I was so closed off and isolated...
I taught my oldest to be closed off as well.
While I was dropping the weight...
I went about unclenching as well.
I stopped fearing every shadow.
I decided to step out and embrace life.
And the more confidence I have that I can handle anything that comes my way.
The more confidence my kids have as well.
It's made a world of difference.
My oldest is learning to not fear new people or experiences..
and all of us are learning how to think positively.
How to try new things.
Meet new people.
commit to things without the fear of being rejected..or not fitting in..
because if we don't fit,
there is always somewhere else we will.
When I was obese..
I didn't like to leave my house.
Now I am at the gym...and working out nearly every day.
Because I love it..and I love to tell people about it.
Because it isn't just about being thin.
It's about being healthy.
And happy..
and living a life you don't want to run away from.
It's possible.
I am setting out goals for the next 9 months.
My knee is nearly healed so I can resume my self defense classes..
I am drawing three to four days a week.
I am homeschooling my youngest.
I am busy..
and happy.
I hope you all are too.
Enjoy the ride.
Chris out.
p.s. Thought I would add a relatively recent pic for those of you wondering if I had packed on the pounds lol!


Jill A said...

Thanks for this. I am very overweight, but otherwise healthy and have been thinking to myself that if I lost weight it would only be for vanity reasons. This post has shown me that my weight loss goes way beyond myself. I want my kids to be confident and sure of themselves, so I have to be the same - to show them how. Thank you!

E. Jane said...

You sound very well. I'm happy for you and the direction that your life is taking. I know that it doesn't just happen; it's hard work that you have to be willing to do each and every day. Good for you!

Stephanie said...

How come you haven't posted your current weight in a long time?

Christine said...

I guess it's because I don't think about it...I regained about 15 pounds and then have stayed right around 160 pounds...it's just become a part of my life...I am on a kick trying to lose the last 20 to 30 pounds..but my weight doesn't inhibit me so I don't think about it...probably the same reason I haven't posted a pic in a while...just haven't given it much thought.

Robin said...

It is always about more than the weight. It's life. It's living. You are looking great. Love the pics.