It comes it goes...

It seems better when I am cleaing. My mom used to clean when she was upset. Starting to understand why...I made a doctors appointment today for the 19th to see my doctor about my insomnia..
I am hoping for a referrel. I almost chickened out sitting by the phone, the phone rings...it's the hospital wanting to schedule my annual pap test.  kismet. God.
yeah.  so I made two appointments.
I am not getting on any feelings mat.  Just sayin'. I hope they find someone that doesn't talk to you like a yuppie telling her kid to 'use his inside voice'. I can't stand that.  Back upstairs to clean..haven't eaten a thing.  Thanks you guys...the only thing I used to do and not eat was art. I will have to start that up...right now I am getting rid of things I have kept for inexplicable reasons...like my honey jar.  I have a blue pottery honey jar. It's sittiing by my bed. I like it alright..I like pottery. I don't love it. Why do I even have it. That's gone as is a puzzle box I don't particularly like. I will probably end up in a bedroom with nothing in it.

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Quiltingranny said...

I crank up Cher and clean to beat the band when I am extremely stressed, upset or having to sort things out....when my MIL passed many years ago, we had family in for the funeral. They asked my hubby why I was hanging clothes up at 2 in the morning. Leave her be, she is processing. Good reports from the doctors will be had!