stuck in silence...

Being whole is great and scary.
Just saw this song..and love it.
I love music.
Good music..
will be back tomorrow with a 'real post'.



Robin said...

I like they lyrics to that song and I see why you like it, too. Inspiring.

Now, let's take a moment to address this newest hairstyle trend. I look back at 80s pictures with the big hair and bangs up to here and shake my head. However, this shaving most of your head and spiking up the bangs into the air has the 80s beat on the Atrocious Scale by a country mile. What is up with that???

Christine said...

people are trying to be edgy. LOL. The lyrics are fantastic to that song. I saw a video on facebook that was really beautiful and the song was in the background...that is how I found it. I thought you would like it. You are a video/music person.