exercise and anger

and...once I limit my calorie intake...my feelings bounce around.
These days I no longer get sad...
I get angry.
I know more God time would go a long way to curing some of that..
that and being quiet...
and judging less.
I went to the gym this morning and walked one mile, then did whole body weights.
I did three rotations of arm exercises..
and three rotations of leg exercises...
Arms;   Dumb bell bicep curls 10 reps @ 10 lb weight
            Dumb bell flys 10 reps @ 10 lbs
            Dumb bell Bench press  12 reps @ 20 lbs
Legs  Squats 15 reps x 3 rotations
           calf raises 20 reps x 3 rotations
           side leg raises 12 reps x 3 rotations
my left knee is still weak where I blew it out last year in defense class.
After today's workout..I could feel my knee straining...so I put on my knee brace...
it's cloth...it really didn't feel like it was that supportive.
I just got a sweaty knee.
Then I went to work and walked and walked....
I ate 1780 calories today....
I have been working on my mindset...
Leaving out the sugar..
making conscious choices to eat protein and veggies and leave out empty starches.
I had a spinach and mushroom omelette.
for lunch I ate panda express two entree of mixed veggies and kung pao chicken.
For dinner I had two cups of roast beef and potatoes and carrots.

I drank coffee with splenda and water today.
I was very irritable by the end of my shift...
a lady went through my cashiers  line...ran her ebt...for one dollar...then went to pay for the rest on a credit card...which was declined...twice.
The only way to get that off my cashiers till was to run a post void.
you can't item void an ebt purchase.
she is trying to convince us to give her the items.
I am instantly pissed..
this is her little con...wait till closing and make a scene hoping to get away with something...without paying.  Because we want to go home
She says "Wait....will I get my dollar back."
I say "ma'am I have no idea."
she has a ten dollar bill in her hand..
she could have paid for the rest of those items..
but she was sitting there playing the victim....(her ebt had purchased a two liter of soda)
the rest of it...body glitter and makeup.
I said "ma'am..I am not going to allow this twelve dollars to sit on my cashiers register."
And then the lady behind her decided to pay for her crap.
two years ago...I would have assumed this woman didn't know her credit card would be declined...
now I know better.
that being said..
I have become a bit cynical...but I can't allow that kind of crap to make me angry.
There will always be people willing to take advantage of nice people.
I got to let it roll...
but on my way home..
dave chappelle popped into my head...
we've got crack heads, panhandlers and shop lifters and all the rest....lol...
I have gotten to the point that I am in the limo....baby...BABY!  lololololol...
my sanity saver is going to be my sense of humor.


E. Jane said...

I understand the feelings that emerge when we cut our calories. For me, food used to be a sedative of sorts. It takes a while to get used to dealing with life on its own terms...without the crutch of too much sugar, and fat. Sweets were my primary crutch. After nearly a year of moderation, I don't seem to need them anymore.

Robin said...

Chris, it is laugh or cry. Laugh or cry. This world is full of craziness. Blistering crazy. Hang in there.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

In college, I worked weekends on graveyard shift at a grocery store. That was back when there was actual food stamps instead of the cards, so I suppose there was more of a stigma and more folks shopped in dead of night to use them. It never ceased to amaze me the amount of sheer crapola that was purchased using mine (and your) tax dollars. That's why I liked the WIC program much better; you got a checklist of items (skim milk, fresh veggies, etc) that could be "purchased" on the program. Our current system has us paying twice... to buy the crap and then to treat the health problems that come from eating all the crap.

Maybe they need to install you a trap door at the register with button you can push to send unruly customers into a slime pit or something...

Unknown said...

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