I just flew in from philly...

and boy are my arms tired..

not really..
but my knee is still stiff from my workout the day before yesterday.
To be honest..I don't know whether to push through and so more weights tomorrow...or walk and stretch it...I just don't know.
Did thirty minutes on the elliptical today and walked for about 8 hours around the store.
I don't want to re inflame it.
I want to strengthen it.
I know people feel stiff and in pain when in recovery...
just so long as it isn't painful right?

So wanted to post..
kept my calories under 1800....no garbage...
best thing I have found out..
I can order panda express online so I can order mixed veggies instead of rice..
sometimes I am late getting out the door at home...
and mixed veggies as your side is something they make to order..
and I don't have the 7 minutes.
So now I order at 10 to 1...pick it up at 1:15 and I have a healthy protien and veggie packed lunch and dinner.

I had to get rid of two panhandlers and one political activist today.
I would rather have panhandlers...

and now for a moment of zen.

Something to make you laugh.


Sean Anderson said...

Excellent work, Christine. I need to remember this about Panda Express. I could likely do okay there--I've avoided it due to my history with Chinese food...yes, there's a history.
You're getting a bunch of exercise!
My sincere wishes that your knee continues to strengthen and stays out of the pain.

Robin said...

I don't know what to tell you about the exercise thang. I think it is best not to push the knee until it is painful. As you say... the goal is to strengthen it. Injuries are a b@tch, aren't they? Your knee. My shoulder. Yikes.

That video was hilarious. Do you care if I borrow it???? One of my blog friends posted something about chickens recently and I bet she will find it funny.

Christine said...

@ robin..sure..it's not mine...just thought the kid was hysterically funny.