strategies for success

I am beginning to have a few..
number 1, I work full time.
If anyone thinks I am doing all the house work...they are insane.
I am not.
We split it as a family.
I stopped being a martyr a few years ago..
and I stopped being a doormat one year ago.
So today, on my one day off..I had two things to accomplish before I could have 'fun'.
I had to clean the house..
and grocery shop.
So guess what.
I made a two hour cleaning window..
assigned areas to my husband and daughter.
and myself..
and we cleaned for two hours.
And guess what....75 percent of the house is clean.
That along with 30 minute cleaning sessions throughout the week..
done by all of us...with areas assigned we didn't get to today.
that equals a clean house.
number 2..
grocery shopping.
I made my list..
then I made a list for tim
and one for sophie.
and we all shopped for the week together.
and we got it done in twenty minutes...
from the time we left, shopped, came back and unpacked..
1 hour.
three hours..
Today was my rest day from exercise.
I exercise on work days.
It sounds counter intuitive..
but it sets my mind to work.
And when I am resting..I am resting.
unless we do something as a family to be active, like hiking.
Which we do often.
So tomorrow I think I'll take my daughters ipad and take some pics of the gym and where I work out...
and invite people in..
because the more support you have, the more accountability..
the more on track you stay...
I saw a pretty awesome video today on mindset.
That I agree with..
not that some people don't have a harder time.
But that it's all in the mind.

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Robin said...

I love how you write a post in a thousand different ways and it all comes back to boundaries. Once you set them... things will change. As long as you don't have them... it will stay the same. Boundaries.

You set them and make other people rise and they will... or they won't. But YOU will rise. And things will change.