manager mania...blisters and pickles and toilet paper.

Hello.... so...I got to the gym this morning.
I did thirty minutes on the elliptical and 60 sit-ups..plus stretching.

Getting back into a workout routine has been a slow and steady process.
 Last week I started at 1800 calories and have worked my way down to 1700 for this week.
I have blisters on the inside of each of my big toes... which hurts.

 I have no idea why I am getting blisters inside my big toes..
I never have before..and I have been doing this job since June.
My job consists primarily of me walking around the store and recovering (putting things back where they go)..running to the front to answer codes and running the safe.

I generally, according to the pedometer, walk ten miles.
 Which I didn't believe..
So I walked a precalculated three mile walk, and discovered the ratio was actually about 2.5 for every three.
So, I round to about 8 miles a night.
OF course, this isn't cardio walking...but I think it counts as activity..
 I am trying to get back up to one hour workouts...and then I go to work and walk around 8 miles..
IF I keep my calories around 1600..I should drop weight like a rock.
 But the hard part of beginning to workout while working this job is that I will be tired the first few weeks.
I can't let down on the job at all.
 By 9 o clock at night my feet were on fire..and I was so tired... But I just kept thinking of that scene in Facing the giants, where the kid is doing the death crawl..and he's crawling and crawling...and screaming..."but it burns!" And his coach said "Then let it burn."

 When I get hungry...or tired...or feeling like I want to sit down...I just think "let it burn' .
I know I can do it.

 Now..on to my job.
I get all kinds of people... my favorite kind are the ones who break shit.. and don't bother to tell you. So it's like a little surprise.
 Today's surprise: Going up the chip aisle I smell something.. I round the corner and find two bottles of pickles...bread and butter... shattered on the floor.
So while I am cleaning up pickles and glass..and having already set out wet floor signs..
no. no they don't...
the shattered glass... the rancid smell of pickles.. the angry, muttering woman wearing lime green..
none of this dissuades the average dollar tree shopper.
I finally say "please use another aisle.'
 the 'asshole' is unspoken..

 issue two: We have been without a toilet paper dispenser for over a month..
As we had given up on recieving an actual response from corporate, our freight manager's husband had to install one...
every other month..our toilet dispenser gets ripped out of the wall.
 I have not figured out why this is.

 It is right next to the toilet..

 It's not like someone is doing a desperation reach across and frantically tears at the paper and accidentally dislodges the dispenser from the wall...
Do we have roaming yetis who don't know their own strength?
ARe there subversive taekwondo classes wherein they rip toilet tissue dispensers from the walls, with their bare hands, as a form of initiation.


 If it's you...
please stop pulling the toilet paper dispenser out of the wall.
Thank you.
Your dollar tree manager.

 Well...I need to get a hot shower and get to bed so I can get up early and go to the gym...
hope you all have a great night.
Talk to you later.
Chris out.

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Robin said...

People are crazy.

I hope you catch up to this change in pace soon.