Becoming a tough broad...

Hey guys.
I had a really good day today.
I went to my self defense class....and I was a little nervous.
Jeannie (my usual instructor) was gone..
leaving me with
This guy...

Sensei Petrone.....

He loves jumping jacks, push ups and no breaks.
So...I went in with the same mentality I took to bootcamp.
I wasn't going to 'drop out' of anything.
And I didn't.
We started with 1 minute of jumping jacks....with our arnis sticks..
Then we went into our striking pattern while doing jumping jacks..
so jumping jack..one...strike to collar bone..for one minute both sides..
You had to stop the jumping jack and do the strike..do a jumping jack...do the other side..
then jumping jacks ...two...backhand strike to collar bone for a minute.
third minute ribs...fourth minute backhand ribs...fifth minute (actually 6th if you count the first minute) stomach..
then for the next 54 minutes we did arnis stick drills with no breaks whatsoever...when we weren't striking, we were holding our sticks our in front of us parallel to our bodies...and I did it.
When I lost feeling in my hands I shook them.
I was there with one other student..
He broke.
I didn't.
I thanked God and my workout plan during that hour.
I understood the drills and I am ready for testing.
Testing is on the 22nd.
My aunt sue called me a tough broad.
I'll take it.
Today was a good day.
I hope it was a good day for you too.
Today I felt like I could hang.
Like I belonged.
Like I took a huge step towards my goals.
It's a good feeling.
Time for bed now.
up and at it again tomorrow.
chris out.


Roxie said...

You are fully made of awesome!

Unknown said...