Day 4- No sleep

on day three when I begin to lose weight...I don't sleep...then freak out.
This has been an ongoing thing for the last year and a half..
hyper vigilance because I feel vulnerable.
My body saying 'find food'.
My brain wondering how to cure cancer?
I have no idea why...It's pissing me off..that being said..I have decided to just stay up all day...no napping and hope hope hope that I sleep tonight.
We shall see.
I got my exercise in today...one hour of cardio toning...10 minutes on an elliptical and 20 minutes on a stair stepper...I  guess we will see.
 It's 12:13 in the afternoon and I am sitting at 630 calories...
no more eating for  a while.
I just need to hold on till around 8 this evening and then I can get some sleep.
Chris out.


Roxie said...

Chris, I experience the same thing - I think it's a function of my metabolism "gearing up" - the better/cleaner I eat, the less I sleep.

Helen said...

No napping is a good idea. Eventually you will most definitely sleep. I also agree with Roxie - the better I eat, the less sleep I seem to need.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

Try a hot steaming cup of Ambien tea right before bedtime.

Robin said...

Are you not sleeping because you are eating better or are you not sleeping because you can't turn off your brain? It sounds like you can't turn off your brain. Once you are settled with your plan, I think that will cease. As long as you are worried about ANYTHING, the mind tends to favor that time when you settle down to dwell on it and "worry it." Trust me, I have experience here. The only thing I have found that settles me AT ALL is to pray at bedtime. When I have run through my prayer list, if my brain insists on going back to these worrisome topics or "what if scenarios" than I simply have to remind myself that I am not in control of this thing. Yes, I am in control of me. My choices. But this place isn't even my true Home and I really shouldn't invest myself to the point of sickness in the outcome of what happens here. It makes it possible for me to relax and let it go.

So, I am going to suggest the tea option, prayer, and then relax it let go. Also make sure you have a plan so that your brain knows that, and you aren't hashing out various plans instead of sleeping. You need your sleep in order to have good days! (I know that you know all of this... it is just a reminder of what you already know but might have forgotten:)

Hanlie said...

You're well on your way and will get through this as well. Good job so far!

Unknown said...

Im with Roxie.
How'd you sleep last night?